04 October 2012

Christine Caine to Preach Weekend Services at Saddleback Church

On 6 and 7 October, Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church will welcome popular speaker and author Christine Caine to preach the weekend services. Saddleback’s Slice blog announces the event:
Next weekend, Saddleback will host author, speaker, and activist Christine Caine. Caine travels the world teaching the gospel and equipping leaders. She’ll be speaking on “The Courage to Let Go of Your Past,” the last message in our Uncommon Courage series. (Source)
Caine’s popularity within American evangelical circles has grown quite rapidly in recent months. She began the year speaking at Steven Furtick’s Code Orange Revival, and preached weekend services at Elevation Church as well. SBC pastor Jack Graham appears to be quite impressed with Caine, as is popular SBC Bible teacher Beth Moore. In June of this year, Caine was “honored” to speak at a youth conference at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church. Most recently, Caine was a featured speaker at Joyce Meyer’s Love Life conference. In fact, as was demonstrated in a post at Do Not Be Surprised, Christine Caine actually refers to Word Faith teacher Meyer as her “spiritual mother.” Caine’s increasing influence, then, perhaps ought to elicit concern, not celebration. Continue reading →

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  1. I'm confused. Has Christine Caine claimed to be an elder in her church? Does her church recognize her as an elder?

    1. Caine is an ordained minister. Further, whether or not she is officially "recognized" by her church as an elder is immaterial. As a woman, she should not be teaching mixed audiences in a forum such as this. She is blatantly disobeying God's Word, as is Rick Warren by allowing her to preach this weekend.

  2. What is the process in the SBC to have the "convention" investigate something like this as far as doctrinal stability of Saddleback and also the integrity of the SBC? It seems to me it would be one thing to have her come and do a "conference" but to have her in the designated slot of regular sermon times is another. How do you even get this to someone in a leadership role of the SBC to even comment?


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