07 September 2012

This 'n' That

Photo: Apprising Ministries
There has been quite a bit of conversation this week about God speaking to individuals via special and direct revelation. I blame this helpful post by Dan Phillips at Pyromaniacs.

In addition to various articles on the subject popping up everywhere I turn, we have claims such as Steven Furtick made during his "Greater" sermon at Liberty University earlier this week. In that message, Furtick claimed that God spoke to him while he was watching the television show The Voice. Now, I'm not sure how it is that Furtick thinks God was speaking to him, but I do know this: God was not using The Voice to deliver deep theological truths to Steven Furtick. It would be my guess that if God is going to speak to anyone watching that show, it would be to say, "Stop watching this sinful, worldly garbage! Repent and put your mind on those things that are godly!"

Lord willing, I hope to address this topic of hearing from God in more detail in the days to come. This is always a tricky subject to write about, though. One must be prepared for the interesting backlash that comes with the subject of God speaking and us hearing. Think about it–the people who get upset and who respond with the most venom are those who think they hear God talking to them regularly, usually via an audible voice or vision. *Cue Twilight Zone sound effect.* There are few things more creepy than having a conversation with someone who thinks that God showed up at their front door.

For now, though, let's leave that topic aside and dive into what I know so many of you have been anxiously awaiting all week. Yes, it's that time again...please enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • A study conducted by LifeWay Research reveals that most churchgoers don't even read the Bible. Friend, if you don't have a hunger and a desire for the Word of God, you may want to exercise a little 2 Corinthians 13:5. 
  • Turns out organic foods may not be anymore nutritious or safe than conventional foods. They are, however, more expensive.
  • I don't know about you, but I really enjoyed the big speech last night. Here's a clip of my favorite part.
  • David's Tent DC is another example of patriotic idolatry as exemplified by the New Apostolic Reformation.
  • You may recall that a recent study discussed the "addicting experience" of worshiping in a megachurch. Pastor Larry DeBruyn has written a new article about this idea of "getting high" on God.
  • This made the rounds a couple of weeks ago, but for those of you who haven't seen it yet, here's Voddie Baucham on adapting to the culture...or not:


  1. I do wonder where Christians who are confessional, Sola Scriptura, cessationist (or at least non-wacky continuationist), etc. -- who have not apparently been taking "bong hits for Jesus" (or worse) -- should come down on this issue.
    I imagine many of us have heard the anecdotes of orphans praying for milk and hearing a knock at the door of a man who "felt God lead him" or "had God tell him" to deliver this truck full of milk there. Some of us may have even had that...stirring within us to call so-and-so or send or give money to this or that person. While anecdotal, I think these instances point to something that does happen. Or, take for example the calling or unction, to enter vocational Christian service, be it pulpit ministry or missions. Many such examples (heh hem Charles Grandison Finney) should remind us that these perceived calls should be verified by multiple people with Godly counsel, as well as tried in the crucible of study for ministry.
    The point I'm getting to is: beyond the obvious that God will not give new canon-level revelation to someone, especially if it contradicts His revealed, recorded, Plenary Word in Scripture -- how do we discern that work of the Indwelling Holy Spirit to teach and direct us, or at least what seems to be that? How do we rightly talk about it (orthodox)?

    1. Mark J S,, I understand where you are coming from and I agree with you. I don't understand about your reference to Finny though.. I'm not one to dismiss all such things like cessationists do since I believe from seeing the supernatural hand of God in my own life.

      And this is the problem I'm encountering since I as a Christian have encountered (rarely)inexplicable moves in my life that no doubt are from God but are completely dismissed

      ~I believe many of the hard-core Reformed lock up their Solas and TULIP's into very tight boxes, usually conforming to (IT) as the "acceptable" or "orthodox" Reformed view. And then refer back to some "big names" for support. But then when some "real world" Christian experience happens which does not fit within their defined structure, they are stuck in a conflict: 1) either admit their stand is too limited, or not entirely accurate (therefore their support structure is shaky), or 2) the "experience" at issue simply isn't of God. More often than not, they default to #2 (since #1 is too difficult to deal with, or their pride simply doesn't go there).

      I hold to the 5 Solas, (in so far as) they are supported by Scripture. But not necessarily in all areas as they have been defined by hard core modern Reformed Theology. Yes, the written Word of God is the only standard of God's Truth. Since we will be judged strictly by what is said in God's Word (Jn.12:48), it therefore is our supreme authority. Therefore all that is of God will be in conformity to His own Word. And that really is the heart of the matter: that which is in conformity to the whole of the Word of God (in belief and practice). We (Christians) have been given a body, a soul and a spirit. Our spirit is that "part" which is in communion with God the Holy Spirit resident within us. It is from there that we are "led", "prompted", "guided", "burdened", (or however we choose to describe it) to follow Christ, and to do what Jesus would have us do in a given situation. And such "leading", if it is truly of God, will ALWAYS be in harmony with His Word. It will never be in conflict. It is from our spirit that we discern, and bear witness, what is of God, and what isn't. And that is one reason the Holy Spirit was sent to dwell within us.

      are we to deny the simple truth that 2+2=4 is truth outside of Scripture? it's not truth that saves anyone and it's not any less true simply because it's NOT God's word. The truth of God's creation "speaks" or "Declares" to us of God's existence. Yet again it's not truth that saves anyone.

      I believe a clear distinction must be made between such "leading", "guiding", "prompting", or hearing a "Voice" and the actual Word of the Lord. Did not Jesus say "My Sheep listen my Voice"?"-John 10;27,or does not the Holy Spirit say "Today if you HEAR HIS Voice"-Heb.3:15, Heb.4:7? The Holy Spirit according to Scripture and according to the whole counsel of God's word DOES have a VOICE-not audibly..

      I believe many of the hard-core Reformed bretheren have lock up their Solas and TULIP's into very tight boxes, usually conforming to (IT) as the "acceptable" or "orthodox" Reformed view equal to the "whole Counsel of God's word"-thus putting the Holy Spirit in a straightjacket. This position is just as much in error but on the opposite spectrum as those who blithely propagate hearing God's "voice" that are basing it on "feelings" or "experiences" such as Beth Moore or Steven Furtick.

    2. Well said, Linda. Perhaps Mark's comment about Finney was that he, too, claimed to be "called by God" or 'heard His voice' or whatever the claim was that would give him credibility to the 'ministry' that he appointed to himself. Despite all of Finney's claims, he was no doubt the premier heretic of the 1800's.

    3. I honestly didn't understand Mark's ambiguous comment ~if Mark was lending credence to Finney or against him.

      We know that Charles Finney was Pleagian. And I don't wanna hijack this thread but it behooves me to include this video where RC Sproul exposes Finney


  2. Chris Rosebrough of Pirate Christian Radio does a wonderful job of breaking down Steve Furtick's "Greater" sermon (I mean pep-talk about himself) at Liberty U. You can hear it at this link if interested: http://www.fightingforthefaith.com/2012/09/review-of-steven-furticks-greater-sermon.html .

    1. Thanks, Nikki. I agree, Chris did a great review. I linked to it here.

  3. Another great list of links! Thanks for your hard work, as always. BTW, Denny Burk's video is gone already. Have a great weekend, enjoy. :)

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! Someone else also alerted me that Burk had removed the video, so I've updated the link.
      Happy Friday!

  4. Furtick is just a slow dripping drivel of self-inflated narcissistic love into people's ears who cannot see his error and damnable false gospel.The are hearing exactly what they WANT. Furtick's peacocky drool is so strident to my ears.

    Maybe Furtick should just marry himself~

    Oh, I saw the video also.. When Osteen began to speak and he said "I get to be around all you people and you make my life better"--well, I'm sure they DO make Osteen's life better---$$$ it's so blatant. And when he said "know that God's smiling down on you that God's not mad at us, that God's madly in love with us"... I cringed because this is a flat out lie for all who are not saved.-Psalm 5:5,,

  5. One of your best Friday posts ever. Appreciate your work. Keep it up!

    -loyal reader

  6. Ok, I'm busted, I clicked a link in your twitter page on the right side and found myself at an SBC website (David Rogers) that just loves to spread his very unbiblical version of God speaking to us. I pretty much blasted him out in his part two-please no more, I can't take it. Don't think he likes me very much. Anyway, since I am guilty of jumping the gun, I will accept any punishment you deem fit.

    1. Tsk, tsk, Darrel.

      I'll let you by with a warning this time, but know that you are now being watched. Do not make me drag out the catapult.

  7. Ebenz said-"Think about it–the people who get upset about what is being discussed are those who think they hear God talking to them."

    I wouldn't think that it's wrong every time someone gets upset if it's correct and biblical according to the "whole counsel of God's word".. Simply because a person gets upset doesn't automatically mean that (all) are consigned or conspiring to the same group with those who propagate error.. This is simply not true and that's just poisoning the well

    1. Fair point, Linda. I've updated my language to better reflect what I actually was trying to say.

  8. About organic foods. There are certain foods that it is wise to buy organics in. If you are not familiar with the dirty dozen here they are (the 12 fruits/veges highest in pesticides): http://www.ewg.org/foodnews/summary/
    I pay the extra money to buy these for myself and family.

    1. Dear Jan, I don't have a problem if you have the money and God has granted you the means to buy organic foods. He's blessed you and it all comes from HIS grace

      Yet for us who are not wealthy and have to be savvy in our spending especially these days,, we have to rely on the Lord by FAITH..

      One familiar verse that always comes up in my life is 1Ti 4:4-5 "For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, because it is consecrated by the word of God and prayer."

      We should not FEAR what's in our food more than Fearing the LORD our God who is obviously more than capable to consecrate our food whether it has chemicals in it or not..

  9. The bold recitation by poet Jackie Hill is well worth watching. While she is speaking on the toleration of false teaching within the contemporary African American church, her critcisms are just as relevant to the current state of all of evangelicalism in North America.

    I loved her allegory about how, at a grocery store, we will carefully inspect fruit to make sure it's not rotten before purchasing, yet we fail to inspect the fruit/teaching of the preachers we listen to. A lot of courage went into her performance. Thanks fo posting it! Carol


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