17 September 2012

Christine Caine Says Word Faith Teacher Joyce Meyer Is Her "Spiritual Mother"

We first were introduced to Christine Caine on this site in "Code Orange" Speaker Christine Caine,  and since that time she quickly has become a darling among professing evangelicals, especially the seeker-driven segment. Having won the praises of men like SBC megachurch pastor Jack Graham and popular SBC Bible teacher Beth Moore, Christine Caine is rapidly gaining influence. Pastor and author Max Lucado has likened her to Esther, Paul and Mary, and Steven Furtick went so far as to allow Caine to preach the Sunday morning service at Elevation Church this past January.

With this burgeoning popularity, then, it ought to behoove us to learn some of the sources of Christine Caine's inspiration. What pastors influence her?

We know that, in the recent past, Caine has expressed admiration for pastrix Sheryl Brady of The Potter's House North Dallas. In fact, Caine went so far as to deem Brady "flat out the best chick PREACHER of the word!"
As was documented in Vice-Prelate T.D. Jakes to Speak at 'Holy Convocation' of Oneness Pentecostal Organization, Brady is considered by Word Faith heretic T.D. Jakes to be one of his "spiritual daughters." Perhaps it is preaching like this that Caine finds so electrifying and Jakes finds so praiseworthy: 

Further influencing Christine Caine, however, is well-known Word Faith teacher Joyce Meyer. Caine already has told us that she loves Joyce Meyer, but today we learned just how deep that affection may run.

In a two-part tweet earlier today, Caine would reveal that she actually considers Joyce Meyer to be her "spiritual mother."


Caine is speaking here about preparing a message for the upcoming Love Life women's conference held each year by Joyce Meyer Ministries. This year's conference features Christine Caine and Joel Osteen as speakers, among others.

If Caine considers Joyce Meyer to be her "spiritual mother," then, just what type of spiritual nourishment is being provided by Meyer? While she may be slightly more subtle in her approach to Word Faith teachings than others, there is little doubt that Joyce Meyer nevertheless is guilty of propagating some of these heresies.

As an example, here we can hear Joyce Meyer teaching the heretical "little gods" doctrine:

And here she can be heard teaching the unbiblical notion of positive confession:

Why is any of this significant? As was stated out the outset, Christine Caine has rapidly gained influence with some of evangelicalism's most popular and influential leaders. Yet, if she herself is being influenced by someone like Joyce Meyer, to the point that she would deem Meyer to be her "spiritual mother," then this ought to cause raised eyebrows and growing concern. It has been demonstrated that Caine herself mishandles Scripture, so when we add to this fact a glowing endorsement of Joyce Meyer, we ought to be nearly blinded by the mass of red flags raised.

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  1. I can just hear the implicit now, "Some of us are falling behind on the guru-glorification technique and need to pony up- huh…

    So is this what is hot in Heresies'R'Us? Just gussy up one another with Christian veneer by just tacking the word "spiritual" to each other's titles. After-all the word "spiritual" added to their favorite mentor proves that they are “Spirit-filled”, "bona fide", "dignified" sources of spiritual truth and oh well all the rest of us are just low-wattage Christians. Isn't that like adding chocolate to milk and saying it came from a chocolate cow?

    Where is Jesus in all this???

    I never hear them boasting in the LORD. I never hear them exalting the Lord Jesus Christ who ALONE is worthy of all glory and honor.. I never SEE Jesus Christ.

    ",,but let him who boasts boast about this: that he understands and knows me, that I am the LORD, who exercises kindness, justice and righteousness on earth, for in these I delight," declares the LORD."-Jeremiah 9:24

  2. Joyce is a very likable person and comical at times. But this is not how we are to measure the truth by how much we enjoy their message. we must NEVER put our guard down when it comes to being good Bereans~

    Joyce Meyers teaching and rendering of Matthew 16:19 is way off. I found it quite interesting and it has helped me to read some commentaries from trustworthy and godly men of what the binding and loosing actually mean in it's context. I thought I'd post it here to help anyone who is unclear and uncertain of it's true meaning to protect them from false teachings..


    Her teaching on "little gods" is occultic


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