30 September 2012

'America for Jesus' Rally Draws Both Crowds and Concerns

Photo: Wikimedia
We have been warning of the patriotic idolatry that seemingly is consuming America, especially during this election season. As one example, last month some concerns were shared regarding the ‘America for Jesus’ rally that was held from 28–29 September. Now that this event has concluded, Christian News Network offers a balanced report of what took place, and more interestingly, relates some of the concerns that were expressed about ‘America for Jesus.’
Thousands gathered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this weekend for a large-scale prayer event called America for Jesus. While some openly welcomed the gathering, others expressed concern over the apostasy of a number of the scheduled speakers.
“[T]he sickening reality is more and more so-called Christians are so enamored by well-known preachers that they are choosing to close their eyes as the blood of Jesus is trampled upon and the Spirit of grace is insulted, rather than have the reputation of their beloved men of God tarnished in any way,” stated Tom Tomasella of Safeguard Your Soul.
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