24 August 2012

This 'n' That

What is wrong with the picture painted by this story?
A tourist attraction in lower Galilee that seeks to recreate daily life as it was in ancient Israel recently got a technological upgrade when it began putting Wi-Fi hotspots around the necks of donkeys so tourists can have access to the Internet.
The Kfar Kedem park is located in the hills of Galilee in view of the city of Nazareth, and offers tourists the opportunity to wear the same clothes, make the same foods and ride the same animals as did those who lived in ancient times.
According to the attraction's website, "Kfar Kedem creates a holistic experience using all your senses ... connecting these tangible experiences with the values and spirit of the ages from the time of the Bible and the Mishnah, that are still part of our lives today."
So, since this is recreating daily life "as it was in ancient Israel," I guess we can assume that donkeys had Wi-Fi back then? Excellent. I had no idea. You truly do learn something new everyday.

While some of you lament the fact that you're still struggling with an outdated cellphone, and these donkeys are equipped with traveling Internet access, please enjoy your week in review (kind of):

(Oh, and if anyone is reading this from the back of a donkey, please leave a comment and send me a picture).
  • I love these pics of some of the tiniest of God's creatures.
  • Well, it seems that everyone is all riled up over the fact that Lance Armstrong will be stripped of his Tour de France titles by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency. James MacDonald's Director of Media, Dallas Jenkins (son of author Jerry Jenkins), even took to Twitter with some less-than-desirable language to express his disgust for Armstrong. Some will say this is an admission of guilt on Armstrong's part, while others will elevate him even higher for refusing to allow the debate to continue. Whatever your opinion, just remember: all idols fall.
  • The world and the Church:


  1. "So, since this is recreating daily life "as it was in ancient Israel," I guess we can assume that donkeys had Wi-Fi back then? Excellent. I had no idea. You truly do learn something new everyday."--

    hahaha, aren't you a hoot. Ebenz you have such an unusual grasp on the obvious that most of us just overlook

  2. A couple of things regarding this post that struck me. Firt, Furtick. It is such a shame that first he used the word "superstitious" which is a huge mistake as his followers will think it okay to be superstitious and will have a rabbit's foot mentality when accomplishing any task and will use the precious Word of God to rub, recite, and repeat like a genie in a bottle. Secondly, he seems humble when down on his knees praying and having hands laid on him, but the video alone is proof that Furtick is anyting but. Third, I don't want to go into his bathroom, or anywhere in his house. I just can't imagine Spurgeon dragging his congregants into his front room parlor for any kind of object lesson. Do you think MacDonald is watching any of this?

    The next comment is on the Dallas Jenkins tweet. I met Mr. Jenkins once. I am not shocked at his comment as I think he is an elitest, after all his dad is a well-known author and he is a film producer. But to express his dislike or anger for Armstrong in such derogatory and inciteful terms is not only un-Christlike, but ignorant. He is making an assumption that the mainstream media is accurate and that the US Doping Agency doesn't have an agenda. And if Armstrong is guilty as charged how about Jenkins' willingness to pray for him. Lovely, Dallas, lovely. Methinks he speaks the new language of no holds barred "Christianity" that is tearing us apart from the inside out. Shame on him!!

    Finally, the wall fresco of botched up job of the face of Jesus. Was I wrong in cracking up laughing? Hysterical!


    1. Furtick is placing people in serious bondage-THIS is NOT from GOD. This is grievous to me and repulsive. This is what takes away peoples JOY. Before you know it they will be so afraid of what they say or not say.

      Our words are not equivalent to God. Only GOD is the Creator of all things.

      When I was first saved, I was so full of God's love and JOY bubbling over that I was imbibing God's word. I also turned on my TV to watch what I thought was "Christian"TBN-back in 1997... Well, I began to pick up on this word faith teaching and I noticed that fear began to enter my life and joy began to leave. I did this for a whole week and then by God's GRACE and mercy on me for this baby in Christ and I wanted that intimacy BACK that Joy and FREEDOM I have in Christ. So God granted me eyes to renounce this and repent. I did and the freedom and joy returned. Oh Jesus is so gentle and HIS yoke is so easy and his burden is so light... We are FREE and I share this in hopes that people will not be cajoled.

      Colossians 2:18


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