29 August 2012

Steven Furtick to Preach at Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church

The heretical Word Faith gospel continues to subtly weave itself into the fabric of the visible church. It seems that James MacDonald's Elephant Room 2 and the subsequent embracing of prosperity preacher T.D. Jakes opened the door and welcomed these aberrant teachings into the mainstream.

It is no secret that Steven "Audacious Faith" Furtick greatly admires many of the most famous propagators of the Word Faith heresy. In January 2012, we saw him gush over T.D. Jakes, calling him "my favorite preacher in the world."

He also seems to be impressed with Joyce Meyer, perhaps the most successful female prosperity preacher in America today:

Most recently, we saw that Steven Furtick was visited by Word Faith heretic Rod Parsley, who called Furtick "one of the nation's most influential young leaders."
 Steven Furtick, in turn, praised Parsley by calling him a "preaching machine."

Considering that Steven Furtick finds Rod Parsley to be such a wonderful preacher, let us be reminded of just what kind of teaching this "machine" produces:

Another great influence upon Steven Furtick, however, has been the most well-known teacher of Word Faith in America, Joel Osteen. This pastor of America's largest "church" has been deemed by Furtick as a "great man of God."

In fact, Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries tells us that Joel Osteen has influenced Steven Furtick longer than we may know:
As far as Joel Osteen is concerned, actually Steven Furtick has been quite enamored with this 4 Star WF General since at least 2007. Our first clue is Furtick’s June 4th blog post Please Stop Picking On Joel:
As in, Osteen. As in, the pastor of the largest church in America… Osteen preaches to 40,000 people weekly… You couldn’t get 40,000 people to come hear you preach if you gave away free Escalades at the door…don’t hate on a man you’ve never met and analyze the entire content of his ministry based on a 27 minute weekly broadcast.
That’s illogical, narrow, and unfair, and you know it. Don’t hurl insults at someone with a big church simply because you can’t make your church grow, and although you’d never admit it, you’re jealous. That’s right… most of the time the motive isn’t defense of the Gospel… it’s jealousy and presumption. (source)
In September of 2007,  just a few months after writing the above blog post, Furtick would begin his first venture into Sun Stand Still territory. When his church was not yet 2 years old, he first preached the sermon series for which he would become most well known.

By 2010, Steven Furtick again was preaching Sun Stand Still, which by this time also had been published in book form, to his Elevation Church, as well as at other churches and various conferences. It is this first attempt at the sermon series in 2007, however, that gives us a peek into just how Osteen-esque Steven Furtick's preaching has been seemingly from the beginning of his ministry. Furtick appears to tell us exactly why this is as he describes for us his very own "sun stand still moment" on the stage of Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church:

It seems that Furtick's praise for Joel Osteen has not gone unnoticed as tonight, 29 August 2012, he will preach at Osteen's Lakewood Church. Judging from the Lakewood's tweet and Steven Furtick's retweet below, the audacious pastor is excited for the opportunity:
It was not that long ago that Word Faith pastrix Christine Caine preached at Lakewood Church's youth conference, so Furtick finds himself in familiar company. In fact, Caine, who was one of the speakers at Furtick's Code Orange Revival, actually preached the Sunday service at Elevation Church in January of this year. This only aids in affirming Steven Furtick's affinity for the aberrant Word Faith gospel, of which Christine Caine is also a promoter.

Perhaps none of this would be of interest if it were not for the continual mainstreaming of the Word Faith teachings. Steven Furtick, who once was only an up-and-coming pastor, now has the ears and endorsement of men like Elephant Room curators James MacDonald and Mark Driscoll. These two also have embraced prosperity preacher T.D. Jakes, despite some lingering questions following ER2. Their support of Furtick has allowed his seeker-driven teaching to infiltrate mainstream evangelicalism. As a result, the more that Steven Furtick allows the Word Faith heresy to seep into his own teachings, the more likely it is to be found in evangelical churches across America, if only even in its basest form. 

This reminds us of the importance of remaining faithful to the Word of God, and of forsaking ear-tickling sermons of "big, bold prayers" and "audacious faith" if they are found to be self-serving and erroneous. The heretical Word Faith gospel was once a fringe movement, existing for most of us only on television. Today it resides in a great number of evangelical churches. Those who truly belong to Christ must nurture and exercise their God-given discernment in order to avoid being swayed by these devilish teachings.
For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths. (2 Timothy 4:3-4)

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  1. But of course Furtick admires all these prosperity preachers. They all have the same thing in common $$$$$...

    When it comes to people who are motivated by money they always misrepresent and misunderstand the bible's true definition of prosperity-they always read into it $$ and not truly Jesus Christ as their supreme treasure.

    True riches -(true prosperity) as God's word speaks of it is God's kindness towards us who are undeserving of it, his tender mercies that melt me when I become hard. He as our Potter takes his hands and places water on them and softens us. His grace that is boundless beyond the depths of my wrestless wicked heart, his Unfailing love that encompasses me and anchors my heart in Christ and gives me everlasting assurance, his faithfulness that is beyond the depths of my deepest failures, His Name which is my Refuge and my Strength. while these prosperity preachers seek for the temporary worldly treasures, We who are trusting in Christ have eternal treasures in Jesus Christ because HE-(JESUS) is our peace.

    Yes in this world we are the barren, the desolate and like a desert in our lives with our ground so parched in our hearts. WE are the ones NEVER in labor- never seeing those things we longed for to come to pass in this world. SING, for God is doing a marvelous work and masterpiece in all who are bought by the infinite precious blood of Jesus. BURST into song and shout for JOY because we have been given CHRIST who not only takes the barrenness and makes His "rivers of love flow and springs within the valleys" Jesus is our never-ending flow of living waters".

    Oh, but these prosperity teachers don’t want the Christ who is the Truth and the Christ who says Repent and turn away from your sins. They don’t want the Christ who says If you follow ME you must DENY yourself take up your cross and follow me.
    Christ offers infinitely more--eternal life and forgiveness of our SINS.

    1. @Linda,

      "Yes in this world we are the barren, the desolate and like a desert in our lives with our ground so parched in our hearts."

      Indeed and that is why you will never hear prosperity speech givers macerating on or mentioning this verse and and this truth:

      "when people lie about us, we answer in a friendly manner. We are the world’s dirt and scum, even now." ~ 1 Corinthians 4:13 NET

      Playing for you: http://youtu.be/kpU7ycYLNIo

    2. Exactly Despeville we are the needy ones who are truly prosperous because of the Hand of the LORD .. Are you doing alright. I had the strangest nudge @ around 1 AM to pray for you..

      (smiles) beautiful and very tranquil and gentle music. thanks for sharing

      They would be prudent to read throughout the Proverbs. But I'm sure for them the word of God is just a catering service

      Pro 28:13 "He who conceals his sins does not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy.

      Pro 28:25 A greedy man stirs up dissension, but he who trusts in the LORD will prosper.

      Pro 19:8 He who gets wisdom loves his own soul; he who cherishes understanding prospers.

  2. How long you think it will be before MacDonald preaches at Lakewood or Osteen at HBC?

    1. @AnonymousAugust 29, 2012 9:47 PM

      Next year... 2013 and that will not stop most of HBC from attending there either.

    2. Here is one HBC'er who will promptly leave and never darken the doors of HBC again if Osteen were to be in the pulpit OR James preach at Lakewood. I pray that doesn't happen but in all honesty, the direction of James' ministry seems to be leading in that direction...

    3. Oh, so that's the line for you, huh? You should have left long ago.

  3. That Furtick kid has rocket fuel in his britches. One day, for all of these WFPP (Word Faith Prosperity Preachers) the piper will want to be paid and it will be very expensive. As they mishandle Scripture so flagrantly, they also must be skimming past the book of Jude who sidetracks his original thoughts to warn the church of false teachers getting into the churches. They also must be overlooking the time when Jesus threw the money-changers out of the temple courtyard, and they must be avoiding the Book of Revelation that tells those who have ears to hear and eyes to see to come out of the wicked Bablyonian system that worships filthy lucre. I know Paul says "the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil" and that reality has never changed. But these guys and gals have somehow applied language to their greed that makes it all seem okay AND they are getting endorsements from some figures you would not expect. It's all crazy. In the words of the wicked witch of the west, "what a world."


  4. Furtick gushes over anyone , and would gush over the devil himself, if the devil had a collosal sized building full of paying parishioners who claimed to know Jesus or God, but routinely savaged and massacred every doctrine ever written in Gods Word.

    The new unholy and unbiblical standard of the end time apostates is #1 exclusive of Biblical Truth and #2 inclusive of anyone, and I mean anyone who names Jesus. Scary huh?

  5. I had a thought hit me today about Steve Furtick's "audacious faith".. Well the definition of audacious is "fearless, boldfaced, dare-some, daredevil, daredevil, ungoverned...

    this kind of faith is completely unbiblical since being fearless is obviously not fearing the LORD. It's completely opposite to how we are supposed to pray and come before the LORD in fear and in trembling,in humility in reverence and respect..

  6. After viewing the five minute clip over at Apprising of these two guys it is not difficult to see the over-the-top arrogance and mockery of the Lord. Osteen with his disarming and seductive smile trying to get his doctrine straight so more will fall under his spell-even the devils believe and tremble-and Furtick, trying to savor the moment and keep the same fever pitch created by Osteen, shoots himself in the foot with "I didn't give you permission to sit down." Could there be a little sibling rivalry between the two groups of attending demons?

  7. I've noticed with Steven Furtick it's all about HIM being elevated rather than how Osteen has been conditioning people to elevate themselves. I'm sure the people were confused. It's Furtick's dream not theirs. They will either leave him alone or be sucked into his self-inflated vacuum

  8. Thank you for this article! I was looking for a clip from Furtick at Lakewood, but found this instead. I didn't know much about Furtick, but now, based on what you said, I know he's a great man of faith and power. I was not a Furtick fan before, but now I am... so thank you!

    P.S. I used to be a Osteen hater, until I realized something... Osteen is accepting of all people and loves all people - 1 John says we only know love if we know God. Usually the people who love people the most are the ones with the strongest relationship with God. (love is not akin to accepting sin or mistakes. it's akin to love, the kind Jesus showed when he hung out with prostitutes and tax collectors and accepted them. the pharisees were the ones who couldn't believe Jesus' outrageous love of "sinners.") And the Bible says "judge not lest ye be judged." So who exactly is not heeding the Bible?

    Can you, with truth in your heart and mind, say that you truly LOVE (not accept their faults) all people? (even bad preachers/teachers) That is your Bible litmus test.

  9. ah, you're approval-only on posts? that means you can control the speech posted on your site. It's like a Mason's club or something. Very elite and snobbish of you. And phariseeical.

    P.S. Much love to you. I truly hope and pray that your relationship with God stay strong and burning hot. We need people on all sides of opinions to keep things in check. It's like checks and balances in the government. It keeps the truly mentally-altered crazy people from creating chaos. Just don't forget to listen to the Holy Spirit inside you!

  10. "I know your works, your toil and your patient endurance, and how you cannot bear with those who are evil, but have tested those who call themselves apostles and are not, and found them to be false. ... Yet this you have: you hate the works of (K)the Nicolaitans, which I also hate" (Rev 2:2,6).

    Anonymous, these are Jesus' words. There is a difference between hating someone, and hating their works and not bearing with them. There is much cause to hate the works and teaching of -- J. O. because they are false, and do not lead people to saving faith in Jesus Christ according to the TRUE Gospel of God's grace. Christians SHOULD NOT bear with him, at least not as a brother or true pastor.

    Should we hate HIM? No. We do not know if he is elect? Saul of Tarsus was rounding up Christians to have them killed. He stood looking approvingly on the stoning of Stephen. I believe that what Joel Osteen is doing is actually worse, as a wolf in sheep's clothing. But if you have been converted to trusting in Christ alone for your salvation, what were you before? What lingers yet of the stench of death? But you have been made alive. I do not know whether Joel Osteen may, in God's Grace repent and come to believe and teach the Gospel.

    So even as we hate his works and do not bear with him, we pray for him (I must do this better for him and other wolves, and not hate them) and hope that he will not go to the grave as God's enemy.

  11. Anonymous: Furtick is also a wolf who teaches that the Bible says and means what it does not. He certainly seems to be a man with great faith and interest in his god. He is also someone that Christians should ... must NOT BEAR WITH, and hate the works of.
    Just so you know...many of my own works, I hate. I cannot bear myself much of the time, because like Paul (Romans 7), what I want to do, I don't. What I don't want to do...or at least want to not do...I do them. I desire holiness, though I do so far from perfectly. So it is not only others' works that I judge according to God's Word.


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