08 August 2012

Get Down with Ed Young, Jr.'s "Shark Song"

Warning: The following gestures should not be attempted unless performed in the presence of a certified seeker-driven pastor.
HT: Closet Calvinist


  1. Man, those Calvinists in skinny jeans are ruining the church. Oh wait...

  2. I hear he did this song just before having Bethany Hamilton out...I have no good words for this.

  3. I knew better and clicked on that arrow anyway and I deserve what I got for my lack of self control.

    Learn from my mistake.

  4. Well there goes a minute and a half of my life I can never get back.

    1. lol, I hesitated to give him my time to listen to him myself

  5. You cannot make this stuff up. Youth group USED to mean 'youths' but now it is grown men.

  6. But, can Ed Young Jr. hop on one leg, sing AND ask for your money at the same time?

    Sorry, SNARK ATTACK!!!!!!!!!! :-)


    1. Carol,

      I think that comes with the next verse:

      "Give me bucks...bhomp bhomp bhomp....Give me bucks...bhomp bhomp bhomp....

      All your money...bhomp bhomp bhomp....All your money...bhomp bhomp bhomp...

      Hand it over...bhomp bhomp bhomp....Hand it over...bhomp bhomp bhomp....

      If you don't...bhomp bhomp bhomp....If you don't...bhomp bhomp bhomp....

      You'll be cursed...bhomp bhomp bhomp....You'll be cursed...bhomp bhomp bhomp...."


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