20 July 2012

This 'n' That

I appreciate everyone's patience with me in last week's absence, and again this week as I get back in the blogging groove. You see, every year bloggers are required to attend one week of Blogging Bootcamp. This is where we learn the best blogging tips and secrets. In fact, if you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I shared a couple of those tips yesterday with my followers.

At Blogging Bootcamp, we learn about and refine such things as: proper beanbag chair posture, how to eat Cheetos without staining your fingers, and how to redecorate our parents' basement to look like a real home. We engage in fun and helpful debates such as, Mac vs. PC, and have fruitful discussions over the longterm health benefits of a diet full of overly-processed snack foods. We also learn how to create better and more intriguing titles for our blog posts and how to irritate people without really trying. As you can imagine, it is a busy and exciting week!

Okay, confession time...I wasn't really at Blogging Bootcamp. I know, I know, shocking. I've every confidence that all of you were fully convinced until this moment. While you nurse your wounded gullibility, please enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • As of this writing, at least 12 people are dead and 50 injured when a gunmen opened fire at a midnight screening of the movie, The Dark Night Rises. Our prayers go out for the victims and their families. Let this be another tragic reminder of man's depravity and man's hopelessness without the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
  • A balanced account of one man's recent visit to Perry Noble's Newspring Church.
  • It's been 16 months since Rob Bell's Love Wins debuted. Pastor Jesse Johnson reflects.
  • File this under: "Isn't it Ironic?" Members of the Crystal Cathedral are upset because a "false prophet" will be speaking there tomorrow.
  • I loathe the cartoon Family Guy. The mere fact that it's been on the air so long is a sad, pathetic commentary on our society. At the same time, it's a perfect example of the total depravity of man. This latest gimmick is no exception.
  • Voddie Baucham teaches, "What is the Gospel?" This is the full sermon audio from the clip posted earlier this week.

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  1. Could you share some of those Cheetos secrets?


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