17 July 2012

The Resurgence Revives Rick Warren's Man-Centered Mythology

The Resurgence, a ministry founded by Mark Driscoll and which "services Christian leaders through books, blog posts, conferences, and classes," is beginning to ramp up press and publicity for its upcoming conference. The conference, scheduled for 9–10 October 2012, boasts a curious lineup of speakers:

Since Mark Driscoll typically is lauded by the "new Calvinist" camp, the choice of these particular speakers is interesting. Many who follow Driscoll and the ministry of The Resurgence may be surprised to find a schedule packed with seeker-driven motivational speakers.

Perhaps it is this walk down the seeker-sensitive path that scheduled speaker James MacDonald was referring to when he noted:
The Resurgence conference is not going to be another tribal gathering but a gathering of tribes, united by grace as one body in Christ. We want to bring together different voices, traditions, and backgrounds to show that the most significant, life-changing, can’t-miss, unifying theme of first importance for the church across all time, all countries, and all peoples is Jesus Christ. The conference will be an invitation to pastors, church leaders, and Christians everywhere to make it all about Jesus in life and in ministry. (Source)
As the visible church continues to weaken and compromise its stand for biblical truth, the call for unity at all costs grows stronger and louder. Accompanying this seems to be a revival, or a resurgence if the pun will be pardoned, of the same man-centered, "purpose-driven" doctrinal obfuscation which has been infiltrating the church for some time.

Today's blog post at The Resurgence website illustrates this quite well. Entitled, "You're Created With a Purpose," it highlights Rick Warren and a talk he delivered at TED in 2006. Quoting Warren, The Resurgence post states,
Some people have the misguided idea that God only gets excited when you’re doing “spiritual things,” like going to church or helping the poor, or, you know, confessing or doing something like that. The bottom line is, God gets pleasure watching you be you. (Source)
The Resurgence has made Warren's entire 21-minute talk available here. Courtesy of Apprising Ministries, however, and to close this post, below are the final minutes of Warren's lecture. When listening, the reader would do well to remember that the TED talks are not a Christian event, and thus Warren's audience likely would have included people of all religions and faiths.


  1. Pathetic. Driscoll isn't far from the prosperity teachers at this point. I didn't even know Nick Vujicic claimed to be a Christian, he is no more Christian in his teaching than any other motivational speaker is. Not that Warren and Groeschel are any better.

    I had hope that Driscoll's decline wouldn't affect The Resurgence.

  2. "God gets pleasure watching you be you." Wow, that's good to know cuz I generally sort of gross myself out. But just so I can share this with my friends who don't think I'm all that fantastic, could you please provide the chapter and verse where I can show them this in the Bible?


    1. Before I provide chapter and verse, which translation are you working from? I think the Book of Warren is only found in a select few...

  3. I watched this Ted talk when it came out years ago and solely by the Grace of God I knew right then how wrong and misguided it was although I did not know then much about Warren's war on truth. That talk of his made me realize how wrong and fallen that guy is.

    1. "solely by the Grace of God"-thanks Despeville for giving God all the glory. That is truly the mark of a man after God's heart --brings me joy

  4. The list of Rick Warren disciples that are all speaking at this conference, should know that "God gets pleasure watching me be me", and what I'm doing this morning, is exposing Rick Warren and his disciples as false teachers.

    God gets pleasure watching me be me!

  5. Resurgence means "bringing again into activity and prominence." What happened to good old fashioned "REVIVAL?" Why the need to have a picture with someone getting a tattoo on the home page? This is another sure sign that this conference is meant to attract the WORLD and conform to the culture. With the high cost for this conference it is clear that the only thing getting filled up are the wallets of these men. So sad and heartbreaking to see the gospel being watered down. The Holy Spirit is grieved when we exalt ourselves and our ways above the Lord's will. Did anyone notice that when you go to the website the link to James MacDonald is not available? I wonder if his church staff/elders even know about this conference. Please pray that these men would receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and stop operating in the flesh!

    Galatians 1:10-12(KJV)
    10 For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.
    11 But I certify you, brethren, that the gospel which was preached of me is not after man.
    12 For I neither received it of man, neither was I taught it, but by the revelation of Jesus Christ.


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