20 July 2012

Ken Silva Responds to Discernment Drama Created by 'The Harbinger'

If you've been following the soap opera that's been generated within the online discernment and apologetic community by bestselling book, The Harbinger (TH), then you know that some strong accusations have been leveled toward critics of the book. Most notably, TH supporter Jan Markell and her panel at Understanding the Times have dedicated quite a bit of air time to lamenting the criticisms this book has received. That, of course, is their right, and no one is claiming otherwise.

Last month at Christian Research Network, I weighed in with my own article, "Implications of the Harbinger." In that post, I primarily based my concerns upon statements that have been made by author Jonathan Cahn in various interviews. In short, as a student of God's Word, I cannot accept Cahn's claim that Isaiah 9:10 sets forth a principle and a pattern that is now being carried out in America. Until such a thing can be demonstrated by Scripture (through use of a proper biblical hermeneutic) and history, then the foundation of this book must be rejected as faulty.

All of this I write by means of introduction. At Apprising Ministries, pastor-teacher Ken Silva has formulated a careful and measured response to the Harbinger hullabaloo, including part of his email exchange with Jonathan Cahn, who contacted Silva and Christian Research Network in regard to my aforementioned article. Silva writes:
Remember, even Satan can read and our Lord did warn us — “Every kingdom divided against itself is laid waste, and no city or house divided against itself will stand” (Matthew 12:25). Well, as you’re about to see, sadly even within this community of online apologetics and discernment ministries we see a possible coming divide. 
What would appear to be at the root of this particular difference is a book called The Harbinger (TH) by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. For more background I point you to The Harbinger: Prophetic Fact Or Fickle Fiction? There I referred you to three different well-written reviews of TH by Gary Gilley, Larry DeBruyn, and David James.
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  1. I think the biggest kicker for me regarding JC's claim is that God Himself chose Abraham and then initiated the release from Egypt. As far as my US history understanding goes, the pilgrims and resulting colonies founded the nation on Biblical principles as they understood them. Yes, I believe God has blessed the US in the past and is currently removing His hand of protection for the sins she is accumulating. Doesn't mean that the Isaiah passage can be applied as prophetic or literal to the US carte blanc. Haven't read the book yet, but have been following the uproar carefully from both sides. JC's supporters have doing the "You guys are meanies" and very close to "don't touch God's annointed" as their rebuttals to the questions being raised. Not very adequate to the charges at this point IMHO.

  2. Where's the proof, Mr.Cahn? All that has been provided so far is faulty Biblical interpretation leading to conclusions that few scholars would agree with and despite your insistance to the contrary, there is no support for your contentions in the Word of God. Many people and nations have been blessed with material wealth and had their day in the sun, but in the end the people died and the nations vanished. Nebuchadnezzar was given dreams straight from God, was given great wealth and power, and ruled the world of his day. If we follow your style of logic would he be considered equal with Israel as you wish us to believe America is? To be equated with Israel on the level you have put forth please show the covenant God has made with the USA and it's corresponding token or sign. The only "evidence" you have provided in this regard is the "faith" of our founders fathers. Based on the words of Washington you have concluded that the US is in covenant relationship with God. There are at least two problems with this idea. First, it is God who initiates covenants whether with a man or with a nation. Secondly, George Washington was NOT a Christian, so even if he wanted to covenant with God for America he was barred from doing so. One would be hard-pressed to find a regenerate soul in the signers of our founding documents. Most were diests and/or free-masons. As such, they were worshipers of satan and not the Lord Jesus Christ. GW was a 33ed degree mason-their highest position-and you want us to believe that his words on behalf of this nation were credible in the ears of the Almighty Creator God? Not me.

    The US is no doubt under the judgment of our loving Heavenly Father and rightly so. It's been going on for decades which can easily be seen by reading Romans chapter one. Our God does not deal in dubious and vacuous warnings or 'harbingers' as you have called them, rather, He says to the sinner: "Repent" or face the consequences. He has only spoken to one nation and that is Israel. Hebrews 1:1-4 tells us that every former means of communicating with men that God has used has been set aside and that now He only speaks through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. By what authority do you revive any old method of communication by our Lord to His people? There is no Biblical precedent or authority for equating Israel and America, nor does our Lord deal in "warning signs" for impending judgment.

    Meeting a Messianic Jew has always been special to me. I was saved under the preaching of one of your brethren. But I see one glaring difference between the two of you: he preached the Gospel, you have written a book that is causing great divides in the Body of Christ for no good and lasting reason. Your salvation in the Lord I do not question, but the reason for this book I do question. Who has become the center of attraction because of this book you or the Lord Jesus Christ? Is the simple proclaimation of the Gospel no longer suffcient for you? Our God is mighty to save and He has never stopped doing so, one heart at a time.

    1. Darrel ... wow! Praise God you have done some independent research. Draw back the curtain on the great facade that has been this nation's history and has, very sadly, affected most of Christendom as well.

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