18 June 2012

Treehouse Church Built By Order of the 'Spirit of God'

This story couldn't be fabricated if one tried. Roadside America reports:
In the early 1990s, landscaper Horace Burgess bought some wooded land on the outskirts of Crossville, Tennessee. One of the bigger trees, next to a dirt road, caught his eye. He decided to build the world's largest tree house in its branches.
But Horace had a job and a family. After spending a couple of years on the project, he ran out of lumber and enthusiasm.
"Then I turned my life over to God," Horace recalled. "And the spirit of God said, 'If you build Me a tree house, I'll never let you run out of material.'"
God doesn't make housing offers every day. Horace got himself ordained as a minister and went back to work. God showed Horace what the tree house would look like ("It was like a vision") but didn't tell Horace how big it would be. "If He had," Horace said, "I would've tried to talk Him out of it."
"It's only started, really," Horace said of the tree house. "I want to go back and finish what it looks like in my head."


  1. I suggest Mr. Treehouse gets an MRI , and see what else is going on.....

  2. Yes, I'm sure God came to him in a vision and told him to build this foolishness. :oD I think it's blasphemous to compare himself with Noah. What does this guy do for a living? When does he have time to actually work at a job?

    He "got himself ordained as a minister" - I'd be afraid to hear his message!


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