08 June 2012

This 'n' That

So, today finds me a little dry in the sarcastic humor department. No particular reason, other than that I forgot to sow my sarcasm seed last week, so clearly I can't expect my thirtyfold, let alone a hundredfold, return.

Yesterday I tuned into this newly released, auto-tuned video of Mr. Rogers. The creator has compiled clips and turned them into a music video of a song entitled, "Garden of Your Mind." And, quite honestly, I do have to commend the video for its quality. (Side note: this video made me crave apple juice and graham crackers as it projected me back to my childhood.) As I listened to the words, however, I thought that this may be a useful song for seeker-driven churches. In the video, Mr Rogers says, "You can grow ideas in the garden of your mind.... All you have to do is think, and they'll grow." This philosophy really is not that different from the Steven Furtick-esque proclamation that we need to have "audacious faith" and dream big, dreamy dreams for God.

So stay tuned. Perhaps your favorite seeker-driven pastor one day will show up on stage wearing a hand knit cardigan and open his sermon with, "Won't you be my neighbor?"

Now that I have sent some of you on a time travel trip back to your childhood, go get some animal crackers and sit down to enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • "Imagine" must be Joe Biden's version of "I have a dream..." I wonder if they started playing John Lennon when he was finished?
  • Prosperity preacher Creflo Dollar has been arrested for assaulting his teenage daughter.
  • Enjoy the next six months. Who knows who'll be controlling the internet beyond that.
  • Remember the famous Vietnam "Napalm Girl" picture from 1972? That little 9 year old girl had a name, Kim Phuc, and she shares a bit of her story 40 years later.
  • (I'm sure I've posted this Steve Lawson clip before, but it's worth another hearing). There are only two kinds of gospels. And only one of them is true:


  1. "Perhaps your favorite seeker-driven pastor one day will show up on stage wearing a hand knit cardigan and open his sermon with, "Won't you be my neighbor?"

    Please don't give them ideas.

    1. Hey, you have to admit, it could be better than some of the tripe they come up with on their own. :)

  2. Thanks once again for this N that Friday. I am going thru the links one by one. As for the link listed second, "This article is truly, truly sad", for the record it made me very sad also. Apparently, the pastor who resigned his ministry, Jason Stellman, is converting to Roman Catholicism.

    Carl Trueman wrote about it here

    And Mr Stellman answered here

    My heart becomes very heavy when things like this happen. It tells me that we need to be praying for our pastors DAILY and DILIGENTLY.

    1. Thanks for those additional links, Elizabeth. I've been following the story this week as well, and I appreciate you providing those updates.

      "It tells me that we need to be praying for our pastors DAILY and DILIGENTLY."

      Amen and Amen.

  3. I had the awesome privilege of meeting Kim Phuc when I went to Bible College. She and her family attended the church where the Bible College was. Her husband was a student at the same time I was there. She is truly one of the most amazing people I know! She is so joyful and always greets everyone with a smile, although she lives every day in constant pain. Every time I go back to visit that church she says hello to me and asks how I am doing! She's been able to meet some very influential and famous people because of that picture of her, and everywhere she goes she shares the gospel with them. Her testimony is an inspiration to me to do more for the Lord! Thank you for sharing her story today.

    1. That's awesome, Jess! Thank you for sharing that. When I read the article linked above, I was disappointed that it didn't offer more detail beyond the fact that Kim Phuc 'read the Bible and it changed her life.' I am so thankful to hear that she has become a great testimony for Christ. Praise the Lord!

    2. I thought the same thing too Ebemz. It looked like she said ALOT more about her faith but they conveniently left it out. Not important enough I guess. I will search online for her full testimony but I was wondering if anyone already knows where I can read, hear or watch about her testimony. That article was very nice though.


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