17 June 2012

Sunday Morning Praise

All Creatures of Our God and King


  1. Incredibly awesome video all because of the word of GOD like rich food that satiates to my very soul.
    so encouraging and uplifting that makes my heart soar because "the LORD set his love upon me" WOW
    the LORD granted me the Splendor of saying His NAME and His JOY emanates to my inner sanctuary. HE is the LORD my Righteousness and His love endures forever... Praise be to God and GREAT is HIS Unfailing love. God's love has taught me to REST and not fear what man can say or what any man can do to me. God's love has made me realize that even my own sin, my own depravity, my own insufficient wicked heart and mind are not going to keep me from the GOD that loved me forever in CHRIST--My Solid ROCK, My Strong Right ARM- the LORD my Redeemer and Praise for Wonderful is your Name LORD that Sustains me--Jesus is His name

  2. re comment policy, I know Biff...


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