12 June 2012

Phil Johnson Retiring from Pyromaniacs

Longtime blogger and Executive Director of Grace To You, Phil Johnson, has announced that he has decided to cease writing at the Pyromaniacs blog. Johnson leaves Pyro in the hands of fellow bloggers Dan Phillips and Frank Turk.
Over the years, Johnson has offered insights and opinions into the various dangerous movements and postmodern philosophies that plague today’s visible church. His Scriptural, astute posts will be missed. Johnson explains his reasons for this decision in one of his final posts. View article →


  1. This is a terrible loss and I am grieving already but he is making the right decision. I shall miss reading the blog posts of this great thinker and defender of the faith.

  2. Please tell me this doesn't mean Frank will go back to writing those open letters again.

  3. I remember a couple of years ago coming across some of Phil Johnson's sermons and listening to him. I knew to bookmark him. I've learned much from Phil Johnson. He really IS so astute and articulate and funny at times

    I came across his Pyromaniacs blog only about a year ago or so and was quite intrigued with firstly his bookmarks.

    Phil has along with the other men such a fecundity of the mind with the word of God and with all the art..

    He will be greatly missed but at the same time May God richly bless him with a new chapter in his life as this door closes all for HIS glory and honor..

    May God richly bless Phil Johnson and his family


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