05 June 2012

No Compromise: Ever

Uh-oh, what will James MacDonald and Mark Driscoll think?

HT: No Compromise: Ever


  1. Wow, Ebenz, thank you for posting this! Please do whatever you can to get more evangelicals to see it. My megachurch is dying a slow, painful death due to the compromises made by the leadership. Little sheep like me need the strength that comes through men like those on the video.

    1. I'm sorry to hear about the state of your church, Anonymous. Praying that the leadership wakes up to the compromise and deception and, if not, that God would lead you to another church that is faithful to His Word.

      We're doing our best to alert people of this video trailer for 'No Compromise: Ever.' Several other blogs have also posted it. If you have Facebook or Twitter, make sure you're sending it out!

  2. I, too, am glad to see this and hope for more. Perhaps it would embolden the church members to reject the false teaching that is prevalent to overflowing in most churches today. Sad to say it, but that looks like what it will take to return the church to Biblical teaching. A good, old fashioned mutiny might be a good thing.

  3. yesss!! I love it and this is so unassailable. Finally some solid biblical men standing up and giving the sharp rebuke against the False teachers and teachings of ER2 and naming names just like the word of God commands us to do.....

    Praise the LORD

  4. I'm looking forward to watching this entire "No Compromise Ever" program! It's such a relief to see a few good Christian men defend the Holy Bible and pure doctrine.

    Full-blown deception and doctrinal corruption are swamping the church today. The frightening thing is that a large number of pastors seem to be reveling in it, rather than opposing it.

    Thank God for the men and women who remain faithful to Him. Carol

  5. Now that is really really really encouraging. Did I say really encouraging. Absolutely heartening. Praise the Lord God almighty, thank you Jesus.


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