28 June 2012

Implications of The Harbinger

Yesterday I said that I would not pontificate regarding my concerns with The Harbinger. Well, that promise didn't last long. My two cents can be found at Christian Research Network.


  1. I'm not sure I understand the seriousness of having to fine comb this book the harbinger as necessary. I don't care for the book myself although it is somewhat intriguing to have such a "pattern" that is so similar to what happened to Israel. Could it just be that people are a bit superstitious? may be and that's what I think. Sometimes things happen and we associate them with stories in the bible which might I add can be reading into situations what is not there..I think Cahn has done this

    Are you mostly concerned because he uses the words mystery and hidden? are these words what are making his book wrong?

    My sincere example would be the number 666 in revelation,,, can our generation understand it right now? no. It's a mystery to us really. However, when that number is given, it will be understood as to exactly what it means. Also, in our generation we understand many things that Christians simply did not 2000 years ago or 1000 years ago when it came to being able to destroy the whole world because they simply did not have the capability nor the ability. These things were a "mystery" to Christians then. Does this mean that we "unlocked" the mystery that our brothers and sisters before us just didn't know. NO we did not unlock anything but God has revealed to us in our day knowledge..

    I use these examples only to make the point that using the term Mystery I don't believe is wrong in and of itself. However, I don't know his heart and what motivates him...

    I certainly don't think this should be an issue to divide over with other believers neither. If the book is teaching mysticism, then I'd certainly be against it. I haven't read it so I have no idea...

    Thanks for your hard work

    1. Hi Linda,

      If you read the post at CRN, it adequately explains what some of the concerns are. The point of that post was not to go through the book with a 'fine tooth comb,' but looks at the author's claims in interviews as well. Cahn claims that God has revealed to him a secret code that has been hidden for 2,500 years. When someone starts claiming the Bible contains secret codes and God has only told one person what that code is, we have a problem. And ultimately, the biggest problem here: Scripture is mishandled. End of story, this book is worth warning about.

  2. I read your post at CRN but for some reason it didn't register in my mind what the specific problems were. I apologize because sometimes I just don't think clearly and I needed some kind of clarification pointed out. You have so graciously done so and I appreciate that.

    "When someone starts claiming the Bible contains secret codes and God has only told one person what that code is, we have a problem."-

    -I wholeheartedly agree with you, I just did not see it. I think I'm just tired and I apologize for my harsh tone

    thanks for sticking to your guns Ebenz

    1. No apologies necessary, Linda. :) Trust me, I know I have a tendency to talk around my points at times and not make myself as clear as can be. I hope I didn't come across as harsh in my reply. If so, please accept my apology as well. :)

      If the book truly was fiction, then fine, but when the author claims that 90% of it is true, red flags start flying. Ultimately, though, my perception is that this book is just a distraction. Something to be used to keep people's eyes off of where they should be.


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