27 June 2012

The False Convert's Approach to Scripture

The book, Studies in the Sermon on the Mount, by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones is a rich examination of the text of Matthew 5–7. As he discusses the characteristics of the ‘false professor’ or false convert, Lloyd-Jones reminds that the Christian must always seek to examine himself by the shining light of the Word of God. It is not uncommon for the false convert to avoid reading the Word, or to choose to read and acknowledge only those select passages which do not convict. Lloyd-Jones warns against such a practice. Continue reading 


  1. A plain and simple picture of the inner workings of a lost person. As one who spent nearly forty years thinking up new excuses for my sin and new reasons why I should be granted entrance into God's heaven this gets a resounding AMEN from a regenerated sinner. This is why expository preaching should be a requirement for every pastor-you don't get to skip over the parts you don't like or have trouble understanding.

    This characterization of a lost person can also be applied to those self appointed "preachers" who are lost as well. For too long the church has put up with charlatans who endorse and praise each other and have no clue as to what the Gospel is or how to convey it. Every aberrant doctrine that comes down the pike is accepted. Books are bought by the thousands, conferences are held to promote each other and their lies and the "church" seems to eat it up.

    Most of these mega-pastors are just as lost as the people they speak to. The only thing that is heretical to them is the one lone voice that would dare to speak out against him and his lies. A Berean is the new taboo. Asking questions that probe too deep into their errors are ignored, laughed at, or given a well polished theological psycho-babble answer. The Bride of Christ does not deserve this, so put up with it no longer.

  2. Excellent

    "It is not uncommon for the false convert to avoid reading the Word, or to choose to read and acknowledge only those select passages which do not convict."

    I've noticed how people cherry pick verses and omit others that doesn't cater to them such as the health and wealth crowd.. I've also noticed how those who see God is love but they never talk about God's other attributes such as that God is holy, God is just, God is righteous...

    that's a serious error that could indicate a person has a false God of their own imagination and has never truly met the Only true living God...


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