21 June 2012

Christine Caine "Honored" to Speak at Lakewood Church Youth Conference

Christine Caine, director of Equip & Empower Ministries, founder of the A21 Campaign, and a worship leader at Hillsong Church, led by pastor Brian and pastrix Bobbie Houston, is quickly growing in popularity. Ever since her appearance at Steven Furtick's Code Orange Revival, (which was followed by preaching a Sunday service at Furtick's Elevation Church), Caine has grown to become quite a recognizable name among the seeker-driven crowd. Her obvious bubbly personality and charismatic speaking style make it easy to see why she has become so popular.

Caine also is an ordained minister (as documented here), and is the author of such works as A Life Unleashed: Giving Birth to Your DreamsThe product description reads as follows:
Gifted communicator and Bible teacher Christine Caine reveals the steps to unleashing the potential in each of us. God has divinely created each of us with incredible potential--seeds that can grow into something significant. However, the past, current circumstances, or social conditions can cause us to forsake these seeds or allow them to lay dormant. During her 40-week pregnancy, Christine Caine discovered that conceiving, carrying, and giving birth to her daughter has much in common with actualizing our potential and realizing our dreams. In A LIFE UNLEASHED, she uses this metaphor of pregnancy to walk readers through the journey that will ultimately result in experiencing the fulfillment of our own God-given dreams. It*s a journey of both excitement and pain. In the same way women encounter nausea, restrictive dietary habits, and contractions during pregnancy, there will be challenges to overcome while giving birth to our dreams. But in due time we will see the fruit of that original seed of potential. Christine encourages readers that with continued trust in God--regardless of the obstacles--His plans and purposes will come to pass. (Source)
This language is typical Word Faith sentiment, teaching people to "give birth" to their dreams and "unleash the potential" inside. Unfortunately for these types of teachers, apart from Christ, the only potential anybody has is the potential to sin.

Nevertheless, the name of Christine Caine is becoming more common place. She even has become rather good friends with Southern Baptist preacher Jack Graham and fellow Southern Baptist Bible teacher Beth Moore.
She also says that she loves Word Faith preacher Joyce Meyer, and has declared that Sheryl Brady, pastrix of The Potter's House North Dallas (and a woman T.D. Jakes considers to be "one of my daughters"), is "flat out the best chick PREACHER of the word!"

From her own roots at Hillsong Church, to her preaching at the Code Orange Revival, to her exaltation of Joyce Meyer and Sheryl Brady, it seems evident that Christine Caine is quite comfortable in Word Faith circles. As demonstrated above, Caine herself is proficient in the teachings of Word Faith. In fact, as pastor-teacher Ken Silva points out, when Caine preached the Sunday service during Steven Furtick's Code Orange Revival, she
confesses “God is birthing out a revival” through Elevation Church and its great leader Steven Furtick who “sees what God sees.” Unfortunately though, many of us Christians never in our whole Christian lives ever get to see such wonders because we have “weights” keeping us from “breakthrough.” As pastrix Caine continues her narcigesis she does hold out hope though because Elevation Church brings revival when they show up.
O, we are so very blessed, indeed. For you see, as she shifts into Kingdom Now dominionism, pastrix Caine tells us we’ll be okay because Elevation Church knows how “to go in and possess what [they've] already inherited,” even if we mere mortals don’t. That’s because God has apparently given Elevation Church a “possession mentality” so they know how to grab hold of God’s promises, which keeps them “moving into what God has.”
In classic Word Faith-speak, for those “believing God for financial breakthrough,” pastrix Caine also tells us how to get rid of the weight keeping us from it. Who’d a-thunk; give more, sow a bigger seed. You also watch her using narcigesis to allegorize Joshua and the Israelites at Jericho into God wanting us to look “beyond the natural into the supernatural.”
The video below shares some of the lowlights of Caine's Sunday morning sermon during the Code Orange Revival at Elevation Church:

Perhaps it is this type of spirited Word Faith preaching that earned Caine an invitation to speak at Lakewood Church's Hope & Life Conference on 21 June 2012:
According to the Lakewood Church blog and website, the Hope & Life Conference is held each year for the youth of Lakewood. The Osteens explain further:

Caine will be joined at this event by Carl Lentz of Hillsong Church in New York, Robert Madu and John Gray. According to his website, Gray is a minister, actor, comedian, playwright, author and singer. Evangelist Robert Madu's work "is more than a ministry" but also is "a mandate from God."
Madu's biographical information indicates that he has a "powerful anointing" and a "sensitivity to the Holy Spirit" that makes him a "sought after communicator." It certainly seems, then, that the youth who attend the Hope & Life Conference will be inundated with dynamic speakers. In fact, Caine says that she has a "word seriously burning" for the event:
With Christine Caine becoming increasingly popular among mainstream evangelicals such as Beth Moore and Jack Graham, her apparent affinity for the Word Faith crowd ought to cause concern. Who knows, perhaps Elephant Room 3 will finally welcome women to the panel. If so, we would not be surprised to find Caine at the top of the list.

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  1. I think that people like Caine and now Noble believe the body of Christ is like a pack of dogs. Their books are preaching the importance of becoming "Unleashed".

    What really would be beneficial is if these people were "muzzled"

  2. She needs to put some clothes on.

  3. Christine Caine runs A21 Campaign, and the fad of activism for "Human Trafficking" has propelled her popularity—especially in the U.S. In the circles I used to run, she was regular fare at Hillsong-ish conferences but had little notoriety until she started marketing the A21 stuff. It's interesting to look at the IRS Form 990s for her A21 work, too. The officers listed are... interesting.

    Nonetheless, she is popular not just because of Code Orange—as much as that may have contributed—but mainly because of the trafficking/women's stuff. The 30 something girls of my former church (and social life) couldn't stop talking about how amazing she was.

    I urge you to continue research on Carl Lentz, as well. I knew him and his father, as well as his former pastor (Steve Kelly of Wave Church), and watched him become a rockstar overnight when Brian Houston and Steve Kelly selected him as Hillsong New York's Senior Pastor.

    These individuals are not selective anomalies but a very powerful and very connected group of people whose machinations are reminiscent of the mob—and I'm not using hyperbole.

    Carl Lentz - infamous youth pastor in Virginia Beach, promoted to Hillsong NYC's Senior Pastorate.
    Steve Lentz (father) - wealthy-ish lawyer who has helped Steve Kelly out of many binds with civil law.
    Steve Kelly - former assistant pastor to Brian Houston of Hillsong Australia
    Brian Houston - pastor of Hillsong Australia
    Christine Caine - former youth pastor of Hillsong Australia

    I'm sure you know much of this but it bears repeating.

    1. Thanks for sharing all of this, Frank. Yes, I was aware of it, but as you stated, it bears repeating.

      You said:
      These individuals are not selective anomalies but a very powerful and very connected group of people whose machinations are reminiscent of the mob—and I'm not using hyperbole.

      I think you're dead-on target.

  4. Christine caine is a great speaker and a great preacher when she went to the hope and life conference at lakewood church my home church she was great not afraid to tell the truth man she was awesome at the conference 2012 can't believe he won the human trafficking thing she had faith in god


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