08 May 2012

When God Talks Back: Elevating Experience Above Scripture

As reported yesterday on Christian Research Network:
A new book has begun to make the rounds of websites, blogs and magazines. That book is entitled When God Talks Back: Understanding the American Evangelical Relationship with God, and was written by anthropologist Tanya Luhrmann. The author’s website explains the purpose of this book:
I found that knowing God is something people learn to do. It takes a lot of work, and that work changes people. Evangelical prayer practice can really enable those who pray to experience God as a person who interacts with them–and sometimes even speaks audibly. That’s not because they are crazy, but because the learning practice changes the way they learn to use and pay attention to their minds.
This book explains how someone can live a life both fully modern and fully engaged with the supernatural. It also teaches us that the way we use and imagine our minds changes our mental experience.
It may be of interest to note that Luhrmann indicates in her book that she does not consider herself to be a Christian.
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  1. ---"When" God talks back"--

    How is it they assume "When"?? It should be Is it God or Satan talking? Let's be good Bereans and "Test the spirits to see if they are from God? Let's always see what God's word says. Our experiences could be from satan or our wicked and deceitful hearts the whole time so how are we going to know if we go beyond what is written? And God's word says "Do not go beyond what is written"-1 Cor.4:6

    very dangerous

    ---"I found that knowing God is something people learn to do. It takes a lot of work, and that work changes people."----

    That's partially true and at the same time so very misleading and deadly. God is the one who "inspires us to fear him so that we will never turn away from him" -Jeremiah 32:40. Without the FEAR of the LORD we are sitting ducks-it could be from GOD and yet God sent a "lying spirit" as he did in 1 Kings 22:19-23 how extremely serious listening to voices is and how we need to fear the Lord and test everything~ 1 John 4:1

    And no amount of "Evangelical Prayer practices" are going to help anyone if it doesn't FIRST come from SCRIPTURE inspiring us to fear the Lord based on TRUTH-Scripture not experiences. The only test is (the source) of the experience. --"They continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine [teaching] and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers"-Acts 2:42

    "Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life."-Pr.4:23

  2. "...she does not consider herself to be a Christian." Surely this is red flag enough for anyone who loves the Lord Jesus to steer clear of this woman concerning God on any level. It should also give an eye opening demonstation of the source of this idea that God speaks audibly to anyone in the present day. "...live a life both fully modern and fully engaged with the supernatural." Tranlation: you can have all the sin that you wish and talk to a god who likes to see you in your sin and encourages you to continue in rebellion and blasphemy against the one true and holy God.


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