29 May 2012

VBS, Cowboy Style

Giddyup! Are you worried that your kids will be bored at vacation Bible school this year? After all, there's only so many ways to teach those same old Bible stories! And programs that turn your kids into pirates and superheroes, well, those are fun but let's face it...even the kids don't believe that Noah's ark was really a pirate ship sailing the seven seas.

Kids want excitement, but they want real excitement. Stories about animals are nice, but real animals are even better! Well, saddle on up and mosey your way down to Risen Ranch Cowboy Church in Joplin where your kids can embark on an adventure of "Horsemanship and Bible Camp." The Christian Post reports:
Risen Ranch Cowboy Church of Joplin will have a Bible camp dubbed the "Horsemanship and Bible Camp" in June. Steve Stafford, pastor of Risen Ranch, told The Christian Post that this was the fourth year that the church had put together this unique Bible camp. 
"We wanted to do Vacation Bible School, but we didn't want to do traditional VBS because we're not a traditional city church," said Stafford. 
"Our ultimate goal is … to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Not just for the kids that come, but with the family as well."
Of course, we do sincerely hope that the true Gospel of Jesus Christ is presented, and are thankful to see these words spoken by the pastor.

Nevertheless, one cannot help but laugh a little upon viewing the list of things to bring:


  1. Dang! At our VBS they just make us bring our Bibles.

  2. And what will be the next thing they will have to perform to make things exciting for kids??

    "real excitement"?? that's very worrisome.

    Yes we can do other things at VBS, arts and crafts, playing games etc, but God's word should be MOST important. And what can top the JOY and excitement of filling these young kids before they grow up with SCRIPTURE. the very scripture that God may pierce their hearts with and save them. what possibly can be better? these people are myopic~

    I just don't like how they downplay the importance of God's precious word...

  3. It seems that nobody has noticed this, but it is important: This is not a VBS. This is a Christian camp with a theme.

    1. Noted and a good catch. I suppose I had VBS on the brain when I typed the title of this piece. I still wouldn't want to have to bring a 'pooper scooper' to Bible camp.


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