04 May 2012

This 'n' That

You know what we need more of? Churches with their own record labels. Well, thankfully our favorite megachurches are seeking to solve that dilemma and are answering that call! After all, Hillsong has done it, Elevation Church has done it, so now it only makes sense that Harvest Bible Chapel would follow with Vertical Church Music and, not to be outdone, that Mars Hill and Mark Driscoll would set out to begin their own label as well. Whew! In fact, Driscoll is "gunning to take over Christian radio." Well, um, great. Just give me a warning so I can get out of the way when those bullets start flying.

And now I'm off to rock out to my favorite mind-numbingly repetitive praise and worship chorus, but before you do the same, please enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • At The Cripplegate, Clint Archer offers a follow-up post to last week's thoughts about the "secret" rapture.
  • Sure, you're thinking to yourself, "who would be stupid enough to sunbathe in the street?" and it would be a valid question. But in some places, common sense is just a little, um, lacking.
  • Watch a news report and time-lapse video of the construction of the Freedom Tower.
  • This should be a helpful snapshot of some of the differences between Mormonism and Christianity.
  • John MacArthur shares some steps to successful prayer. Read Part 1 and Part 2.
  • The Scorned Servant of Jehovah:


  1. Hi EBenz,

    I read all your stuff and once again it is all very good. I loved the three part series from Archer. It was fantastic. I bookmarked him. I want to thank you again for bringing forward important issues and presenting bloggers of high quality. I truly appreciate all your efforts on behalf of the faith and with the brethren in mind.

  2. Surely your Escalator Church will be jumping on the record label bandwagon? Desire to submit my innovative praise song, "When Heaven Met Earth". Almost finished composing. Just looking for a word to rhyme with "smooch".

    Guaranteed hit.

  3. "Just looking for a word to rhyme with "smooch".

    ---Ed Young Jr can help with that. smooch a pooch at Church

    1. Nothing short of brilliant, Linda! We should join forces. The next Lennon and McCartney of megachurch praise songs.


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