11 May 2012

Resistance is Futile

Does your church refer to itself as a "community of small groups"? Have you ever wondered exactly what that means?

Recently, Chris Rosebrough, Christian apologist and host of the radio show Fighting for the Faith, delivered a lecture entitled, "Resistance is Futile: You Will Be Assimilated Into the Community". If you've ever noticed that your church leadership speaks more about the "community" than about the individual, then you may want to listen to this lecture.

Rosebrough unpacks the worldview of Peter Drucker, a man whose influence on the church was overwhelming, though few Christians are aware of it. The truths presented in this lecture will help to explain the nature of the "seeker driven" movement, and reveal its goals and motivations.

If you take the time to listen to this presentation, then it is suggested that you also access the powerpoint slides and additional resources here.

One final note: Rosebrough begins his teaching with a brief, but necessary overview of some key points and people in history. Even if you are not a "history person," do not allow yourself to tune out for this portion. What is taught in these first few minutes will provide a crucial foundation for what is revealed later in the lecture.


  1. I haven't listened to all of Chris' talk yet but I wanted to go ahead and say that I think of people like Andy Stanley and his mega Church.

    I talked to a guy who is currently going to a "Church" that has the big screen and Andy Stanley gets on. He said they have their bible groups and he's head of one. They are trying to get the "unchurched" back to Church.

    Something is just not normal to me. is this the community that these small "pods" are forming?

  2. I can't remember who for sure it was--I think it was Charis Van Kuiken(not sure) who was on Ingrid's Crosstalk Blog before it was taken down over a year and a half ago or so who spoke of when she went to Rick Warren's Church to find out about the Daniel Plan. Her concern was with the language being uses sucha as "sustainable living" and "community". At the time I really didn’t think much of the red flags she was picking up on.

    Anyways....I know Claris does mention John Eldredge on community living when she was talking about AIM.


  3. Since Soren Kierkegaard is mentioned and alluded by Chris Rosebrough here is Kierkegaard speaking exactly about what is going on in mega churches of today. Of how Willow Creeks of America and beyond operate and why:

    "The crowd is untruth. Therefore was Christ crucified, because he, even though he addressed himself to all, would not have to do with the crowd, because he would not in any way let a crowd help him, because he in this respect absolutely pushed away, would not found a party, or allow balloting, but would be what he was, the truth, which relates itself to the single individual. And therefore everyone who in truth will serve the truth, is eo ipso in some way or other a martyr; if it were possible that a human being in his mother's womb could make a decision to will to serve "the truth" in truth, so he also is eo ipso a martyr, however his martyrdom comes about, even while in his mother's womb. For to win a crowd is not so great a trick; one only needs some talent, a certain dose of untruth and a little acquaintance with the human passions. But no witness for the truth - alas, and every human being, you and I, should be one - dares have dealings with a crowd. The witness for the truth - who naturally will have nothing to do with politics, and to the utmost of his ability is careful not to be confused with a politician - the godfearing work of the witness to the truth is to have dealings with all, if possible, but always individually, to talk with each privately, on the streets and lanes - to split up the crowd, or to talk to it, not to form a crowd, but so that one or another individual might go home from the assembly and become a single individual. "A crowd," on the other hand, when it is treated as the court of last resort in relation to "the truth," its judgment as the judgment, is detested by the witness to the truth, more than a virtuous young woman detests the dance hall. And they who address the "crowd" as the court of last resort, he considers to be instruments of untruth. For to repeat: that which in politics and similar domains has its validity, sometimes wholly, sometimes in part, becomes untruth, when it is transferred to the intellectual, spiritual, and religious domains. And at the risk of a possibly exaggerated caution, I add just this: by "truth" I always understand "eternal truth." But politics and the like has nothing to do with "eternal truth." A politics, which in the real sense of "eternal truth" made a serious effort to bring "eternal truth" into real life, would in the same second show itself to be in the highest degree the most "impolitic" thing imaginable."

    ~ Soren Kierkegaard in "The Crowd is Untruth - On the Dedication to That Single Individual" ~ http://www.ccel.org/k/kierkegaard/untruth/untruth.htm

  4. Well worth taking the time and effort to listen to this presentation. This is where the church is headed and people should be informed. Open the Powerpoint charts at the same time, and follow along.


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