09 May 2012

Audacious Church?

Which came first, audacious faith or audacious church? Well, we'll have to let Steven Furtick hash that out with Glyn and Sophia Barrett, the Senior Pastors of Audacious Church in Manchester. That's right, Audacious Church actually exists, and they "believe that everything we do in church should be fun, enthusiastic and actually have the potential to change your life for the better" (Source). Sounds positively ear-tickling, doesn't it?


  1. You're making this up, right?

    1. Click on the links, it's completely real. I could hardly believe it myself.

  2. Goodness grief. I'll say they're fearless, they certainly don't fear the LORD

  3. Hi guys, weve been a church for 5 years this year!!
    If you are ever in Manchester UK, come and visit us!!

    1. Actually, you are a synagogue of satan.

    2. Think we might pass on that thanks.

  4. Such an empty message since they preach a gospel that is not the gospel...so sad.

  5. From their "About Us" and "vision and Culture" statemnt:

    " Jesus died for the “whosoever”.

    Obviously the popular abuse of John 3:16 is abused even higher there. One would say it is really an audacious abuse of the Word. No, he did not die for "WHO SO EVER" as it is pronounced in by the hip storytellers on stages of mega entertainment centers including this Manchester one... He died for "everyone believing" and that is a massive difference.

    Another "nugget":

    "Connecting with God, enables you to live the plans and
    purposes he has for you."

    Gee, I wonder what this kind of "God" does with his plans and purposes when someone and that is actually a majority does not connect? Waits to get "lucky"? I guess given this next statement:

    "• ‘Fortune favours the Audacious’ – Erasmus."

    I don't think I need to comment on this one but I am pretty sure that Glyn and Sophia have no idea what role Erasmus played in the church history.

  6. People at audacious just don't understand the core of the GOSPEL. We are murderers, adulterers,liars, thieves, blasphemers and God is righteous, just and always good. He cannot justify the wicked-proverbs 17:15.

    Only Jesus satisfied God's justice at the cross and only Jesus paid for our sins at the cross and anyone who tries to justify themselves apart from Jesus thinking they can keep their sins are an abomination to the LORD~

    Jesus said we must REPENT! Repentance not only believes in Jesus but also receives Jesus -John 1:12-13 in their lives.

    In John 10:9-14 Jesus said, “I am the door. "IF" anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture.” Jesus said “if you enter ANY OTHER WAY you are a thief and a robber”

    that big IF means that we MUST do something -we must respond to the GOSPEL according to Scripture

    Not everyone is an automatic recipient of God’s forgiveness and the gift of salvation by Jesus Christ’s work on the cross (Eph.2:8-10). We must do something, and that something is to believe, after God draws an individual and they have a revelation of the truth, their sinful condition they must by an act of their will in response to God’s GRACE place faith in Christ’s work. One must believe to be saved.

    Audacious Church sounds just like giving a man on death row a cigarette and a wonderful hot meal---oh he might appreciate it but what good is it when he's fixing to be executed. People are being blissfully rehabilitated IN THEIR SINS ---that's all and they are still DEAD in their transgressions and they think this is so GREAT all the way to a Christless eternity in hell.....

    I pray the LORD draws people to his word of truth and the Lord Jesus today out of this false church before it's too late.

  7. I'm going to step in here and ask everyone to be respectful with their comments. I'm not saying that everyone hasn't been, just that I can see with a few things that have been said a potential to head in an unnecessarily "biting" direction, if you will.

    Personally, I have not listened to any sermons from this church nor extensively investigated. However, based on multiple warning signs from the website (female pastor, invitation to John Bevere to preach, etc), I believe it is safe to assume that this is a "seeker sensitive" church that either does not understand Scripture, or chooses to ignore some or much of what is taught therein. Yes, I pray that they would hear and teach the true and saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    That said, I merely posted this because I thought the name was amusing, especially in light of the ever-popular "audacious faith."

  8. Never been there but from looking at their website i wouldn't want to. Just looks like another church that has taken the 'faith' movement to the extreme.