13 April 2012

This 'n' That

All of us here at Escalator Church would like to thank all of you for making our first Easter Extravaganza such a success. We hope that you found the service to be fun, entertaining, and relevant. We expect that many people discovered, or rediscovered, the importance of their story. In short, we hope that Easter 2012 was your best Easter ever!

As we look ahead to our new sermon series, Life, Love and Lattes, we encourage each of you to continue to reflect on this year's Easter message. More specifically, we hope that all of you will remember to return this Sunday with the plastic egg that we handed out to each attendee. Don't forget that this egg is to be filled with your mandatory tithe, and that we will be collecting the eggs as we pass the offering baskets. Remember: the last one to tithe is a rotten egg!

Okay, now that the satire of Escalator Church has been sufficiently exhausted for awhile, let us move on and, please, enjoy your week in review (kind of):
  • Ben Stein warns that a second holocaust may be possible. Perhaps. All the more reason for us to hasten to bring the true Gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ to the Jewish people.
  • "Now, I realize that most evangelicals who have bought into the Purpose-Driven® philosophy wouldn't dream of attacking the doctrines of justification by faith, or the deity of Christ, or the absolute authority of Scripture. But they ignore such doctrines rather than risk boring people with academic teaching. The long-term effect is the same as a full-scale assault against those doctrines." Phil Johnson takes a long-overdue look at Rick Warren's Purpose-Driven Church.
  • Quit picking on Ed Young, Jr.! Sure, he traipsed a live lion and lamb in for Easter, but stop crying about the necessary permits! The church has to stand up for something, after all. Um ... yeah, too bad it seems that Ed Young wants us to stand up for his right to parade wild animals around the stage more than he wants us to stand up and defend the Word of God. Take heart, though, because Steven Furtick has jumped to Young's defense.
  • At Apprising Ministries, Ken Silva discusses how Henry Blackaby's mysticism negates the Reformation cry of "Sola Scriptura."
  • Phil Johnson has reposted an article from 2008 regarding Apostasy. Yes, it's still relevant and accurate four years later.
  • John MacArthur weighs in on the discussion between Pastor Jesse Johnson (at The Cripplegate) and Way of the Master/Living Waters.
  • There are no little texts, and there should be no little sermons:

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