29 April 2012

Sunday Morning Praise

I Need Thee Every Hour


  1. Oh man you did it again. Great taste in music that is so honoring and pleasing to the Lord.

    current and recently I have had that same song well up from my heart to the Lord Jesus.I'm so abject without Jesus

    Sometimes I've thought -What would we ever do without music~

  2. Glory to God, Linda - I'm so glad this song choice was able to minister to you today!

  3. Hmm. I was also dwelling on this great truth earlier today - our need for total reliance on grace. "In my flesh dwelleth no good thing."

    And since I also do not hold today's "Christian" rock music in much esteem, this was quite refreshing as well as timely. Thanks for linking it up!

  4. Thanks so much for posting this. I have it on my Zune and love it so much! It was just right seeing this today!

  5. This is another one that sounds great on the bagpipes!

    1. You know, Glenn, I'm thinking you need to get your own YouTube channel and start sharing some of these on the bagpipes! :-)

    2. But then I'd have to have someone take a video, and I don't know if the camera would survive :oD

    3. Excuses,excuses-. just Go for it Glenn I wanna hear you too. In fact I have Scottish in me since my maiden name is MacDonald and now it's Campbell.

      and if you're open for requests, do Amazing Grace

    4. Well, technically you wouldn't have to do an actual video. You could record the audio, then just lay that over some pictures to create the video. :)

    5. You guys are too funny. Firstly, I wouldn't have the foggiest idea how to do any of that for posting. Doing my blog is as technical as I get, and I sometimes need help with that! I'm a real dinosaur when it comes to technology.

      I play 56 hymns, plus another 7 Christmas tunes. I found pipe settings for about a dozen of them, and the rest I transcribed because I thought they'd sound good on the pipes. The only real contemporary one I play is "How Deed the Father's Love For Us." I've always felt the need to be able to praise the Lord with my pipes.

  6. You're sounding like Moses now-Exodus 4:10-11.

    It's just that when we make forays into something different we've never done before it can be intimidating.

    And as far as it goes for learning, there are many who have how to do videos on you-tube.

    I had to teach myself how to set up my blog. it took trial and error but I was bound and determined

    anyways one more verse to encourage you with Glenn-"Commit to the LORD whatever you do and your plans will succeed"-Pr.16:3

    You can do it brother~


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