22 April 2012

Bring Your Dog to Church?

On 28 and 29 April, Ed Young, Jr. and Fellowship Church will host the "largest pet service in the history of Christianity." So, is that a difficult record to break?

Dog lovers, bring your pooches with you to church next weekend so that you can "worship together!" (Never mind the fact that dogs cannot actually worship). As for you cat lovers, you may want to stay home. There is no "cat service" in the foreseeable future, so you and your felines will have to worship from the comfort of your own home. Or just play with a piece of string, whatever you prefer.


  1. A little leaven indeed spoils the entire loaf.

    How tragic that his church is filled on Sunday mornings - deception indeed is rampant within the church today.

    But our L-RD said: "I" will build "MY" church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. One day, perhaps soon, the sheep and goats will be separated, until then, we have the Ed Young' of the world.

  2. Words escape me :-( So all I can say is woof, woof. The cleanup afterward should be fun.

    Ed Young is so immature and goofy. I would be so thoroughly embarassed if he were my pastor. But, I do keep in mind that the people who attend his church and enjoy his talks are getting exactly what their hearts desire. What a world!


  3. OK, this one is odd, but is it actually unbiblical? As in, is there a biblical reason why this is wrong?

  4. Why is it that everything I read about this guy just tells me he has no clue about the REAL Christian faith? He consistently makes a mockery of the Faith.

  5. 072591,

    Okay, just because the Bible doesn't mention something, does that mean it's okay?
    What is the purpose of the meeting of the saints? It is for mutual edification and fellowship, corporate worship and learning. It isn't even a place for evangelism, regardless of how many seeker-sensitive people want to say otherwise. See my article at:

    Where does making a zoo out of the building fit into this? Since when does an animal worship or fellowship with believers? Having a bunch of dogs in the assembly would be nothing more than a disruption and distraction. This appeals to those who act as if their pets are humans and their children. Pets have no place in the assembly of the saints. It's gimmicky, just like everything else this guy does.

  6. Whilst I would agree Ed "Sexperiment" Young has a track record of gimmickry and I'm reluctant to defend him, I want to add a bit of balance.

    Animals are part of God's world and bring immense pleasure to many people. The animal kingdom reflects the glory of God just as much as the rest of creation. Likewise, owning and caring for an animal has been shown to have many positive benefits, which I believe come from God. So surely there is some place in the life of a local church for an occasional service to give thanks to God for our pets and to ask his blessing and protection on them?

    I also don't see much difference between a pet service and a harvest festival. If we are to rule out having a service to thank God for animals, I think we also have to scrap services that thank God for the harvest. But God's people have been doing the latter since old testament times.

    Having said all that, Ed Young seems to do one publicity stunt after another, which is not the way to run a church.

  7. This guy is a lame used car salesman who somehow got the hold of few thousands of gullible souls and is milking them for money like there is no tomorrow. Wow.

  8. Regarding the numerous gimic events that mega-church pastors insist on having....

    Proverbs 26:11
    Like a dog that returns to its vomit is a fool who repeats his folly.

    ...and I love dogs, but they do love icky, smelly stuff.

  9. He makes a mockery of what should be considered formal and orderly. Certain places and events are to be treated with the upmost respect and dignity and are not for animals.
    Ed takes common material and makes it mock dignity and takes lofty material and vulgarizes it- the decadence the burlesque

    Jude 4 They are godless men, who change the grace of our God into a license for immorality,,,
    He's foaming up his shame, bound by sensuality and carouses in broad daylight.

    I'm beginning to wonder how much worse things will get? I think of Lot who was vexed in his righteous soul and shake my head at the shame people are bringing on the Lord Jesus Christ...

  10. Fully expecting Escalator Church to keep pace. I'm thinking pig races and snake handling for Old and New Testament relevance. Please discuss with the elders.

    Thank you.

  11. I went to a church for a while where one woman brings her dog faithfully to church. Not only that but her dog takes communion also. If that doesn't just dog you, nothing will. Church is for worship and learning and praising God et-cetera. But having your pooch take communion really bothered me alot. That just seems to me to be wrong.

  12. First it's dogs in the church.
    What next? Pigs on the altar?

    Before I became a Christian, I was involved in the occult.
    This is classic, satanic mocking of Christ and His church; profaning what is holy, and blind Christians are too foolish to see it for what it is.

    It wouldn't surprise me to learn that "Pastor Ed" secretly belongs to my old occult crowd. Infiltrating and corrupting Christian churches is a mission for many of them, and Christians, ignorant of biblical doctrine, make it so easy.


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