07 March 2012

T.D. Jakes Joins Fellow Word Faith-ers at Vision 2012

The Vision 2012 Spiritual Life Conference is set to cast itself into the life of the church March 7-11. Hosted by pastor Casey Treat and his wife, pastrix Wendy Treat, Vision 2012 and the scheduled speakers will
impart wisdom applicable to everyday life. You will walk away empowered spiritually, mentally and physically. Welcome to Vision 2012 Spiritual Life Conference. (Online Source)
Interestingly, this wisdom that is set to be imparted will be shared by some notorious Word Faith preachers. This should not surprise, since the Treats at their church, Christian Faith Center (CFC), seem to propagate some rather questionable (at best) teaching:

Yes, the Treats are even responsible for this horrific display:

Recently teaching a women's Bible study at CFC was Victoria Osteen, who is a gifted Word Faith teacher on her own, apart from her husband, Joel. It ought not surprise, then, to see such names as Brian Houston, T.D. Jakes and Kong Hee headlining at Vision 2012. There is little need to detail Houston or Jakes here, as they are likely both quite familiar to the reader. Kong Hee, however, is a name lesser known.

Hee pastors City Harvest Church in Singapore. His biography on the Vision 2012 website reads as follows:
Kong Hee is the founder and senior pastor of City Harvest Church (CHC), Singapore—a Spirit-filled Pentecostal church that was birthed in 1989. With just 20 members at its inception, the church has grown to an average weekly attendance of over 24,000 members today with 71 percent first-time converts. 
Through his visionary leadership, CHC has become widely known as one of the most dynamic and innovative churches in the Far East. The keys to the remarkable growth experienced by City Harvest Church are vision, faith, commitment, a desire for excellence and effective discipleship. 
After more than two decades of pastoral ministry and training disciples for the kingdom of Christ, Kong maintains a passion to see lives changed by building contemporary, relevant and anointed strong local churches in Asia. (Online Source)
It is not difficult to see why Hee's church grew to such a large capacity. Clearly he is a man who teaches exactly what the people want to hear. The video below shares a full-length message delivered by Kong Hee entitled, "Nine Reasons Why Jesus Was Not Poor:"

Some interesting points to note in this "sermon" are Hee's claims at approximately the 7:50 minute mark that, "[Jesus] would take you out to a nice restaurant! [Our Jesus] is not a cheapskate Jesus!" Or perhaps the reader would be curious to hear Hee's rather interesting interpretation of the feeding of the 5,000 (approximately 9 minutes in).  

Some more notable Scripture twists in this message are: at approximately 24 minutes in, Hee perverts 2 Corinthians 8:9; and at 31 minutes and following, Hee declares, "If we worship a poor Savior, we will always be poor." Not long after this, he says, "prosperity and wealth are our rightful inheritance," and, "a poor Savior can't get you out of poverty," to which Hee adds a familiar distortion of the promise of the 30, 60 and 100-fold harvest (Matthew 13:8ff). Indeed, throughout the entirety of this sermon, Hee unapologetically, unflinchingly and unconscionably twists the holy Word of God.

The question remains, then, why would T.D. Jakes want to encourage this type of blatant false, Word Faith teaching? Of course, we ought not be surprised that he would be comfortable alongside pastrix Treat. After all, Jakes has praised and celebrated pastrix Paula White, who considers Jakes to be her "spiritual father." Yet, the reader may recall that, recently, James MacDonald made some very interesting statements regarding T.D. Jakes' Word Faith propensity.

In an effort to clean up after the mess of the Elephant Room 2, MacDonald embarked on a bit of a radio talk show tour. Appearing on Moody Radio's Chris Fabry Live, MacDonald addressed the question of the seemingly neglected elephant in the room: T.D. Jakes' prosperity gospel. In the article, Cleaning Up After the Elephants? MacDonald Takes to the Airwaves, it was noted,
In this part of the discussion, James MacDonald indicated that a private conversation had taken place (among whom, we do not know, though it is obvious that it was at least allegedly between MacDonald and Jakes). During this conversation, says MacDonald, T.D. Jakes expressed that he would "not currently accept the designation of prosperity or Word of Faith as an accurate description of what he believes. [...] As of two weeks ago [Jakes] would not accept these terms in a private conversation as an accurate description of what he believes." MacDonald continued and stated that Jakes' "ministry will have to bear that out." (Online Source)
These statements were made on February 6, 2012. One month later, we are watching the continued fruit of T.D. Jakes' ministry. T.D. Jakes is appearing with multiple Word Faith heretics at the Vision 2012 conference. But then, it might be safe to assume that such an atmosphere is Jakes' "comfort zone."

Thus far, it does not appear that the ministry of T.D. Jakes is bearing much fruit that accords with his alleged statements above. Let us sit back and listen to the crickets as we wait for further comment from James MacDonald.

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  1. "Pastrix Wendy Treat."

    Boy, if that isn't a self-caricaturing mechanism, I don't know what is.

    "Daddy, can we have a Pastrix Wendy Treat? Please??!!"

  2. Um...LOL. I hadn't even thought of that!

  3. Very abusive "shepherds"... Actually,they are hirelings and thieves -Jhn 10:10 "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and [fn]have it abundantly."

  4. " But these men do not understand the things they slander, and they are being destroyed by the very things that, like irrational animals, they instinctively comprehend.Woe to them! For they have traveled down Cain’s path, and because of greed have abandoned themselves to Balaam’s error..."

    ~ Jude 1:10-11


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