04 March 2012

Sunday Morning Praise

Come, Thou Fount

This hymn was written by Robert Robinson at the young age of 23. Robinson was converted to Christ at the age of 17 through the preaching of George Whitefield. "Robinson and his friends went for the purpose of 'scoffing at the poor, deluded Methodists," but God used Whitefield's strong preaching to draw Robinson to Himself (101 Hymn Stories, Kenneth Osbeck, 52).

1 comment:

  1. That's sucha complicated song to write. It's a beautiful song.

    I'm absolutely amazed by how young some of these men were when they wrote such "inspiring" songs.

    Of course when Jesus changes your heart, HE is the greatest inspiration and he really does put a new song in our hearts-Psalm 40:3.

    I used to go to church before I was saved and sang all those hymns. From my lips I sang them but my heart was far far from the Lord. One thing that brought me such JOY was when I was saved and sang those very same hymns from my heart to the Lord Jesus Christ all to God's glory and honor....

    thanks EBenz


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