24 March 2012

Scripture is the Fountainhead of Truth

In the days of [William] Farel, when Bibles were kept out of sight, Satan could by his servants teach sin and folly, without any need to mix up evil with good to disguise his work. Men did not know in the pitch darkness of those days that the most utter folly was untrue. But now, when you all have Bibles, Satan works in another way. He puts the good and evil together in a book - it may be in a hymn book or a sermon - so skillfully, and so smoothly that you will think it good, and beautiful, and wise, and only God can keep you from these traps and snares. Farel in later years wrote these words, which I would have you to remember as long as you live, "I pray all those who love Jesus Christ, who alone is the Truth, that they do not blame me if I refuse to put the most ancient and honored teachers in the same rank as the Holy Scriptures, and if, when I read their writings, I search diligently in the Scriptures to see whether they have told the truth or not. Far be it from me to contradict any great and holy teacher who speaks the truth; on the contrary, the smallest and meanest person, if he speaks the truth, ought not to be contradicted upon any account whatsoever. I only ask that the truth they speak should be manifestly proved and maintained by the Holy Scripture and maintained by us, because we find it there; for the Scripture is very sure, and says nothing but that which is true, and which everybody ought to receive and to hold fast; but every single thing which cannot be proved by Scripture has no weight, no place, no authority in the worship and service of God. Christ is the Truth; He alone is the One who ought to be listened to. We must not turn to look at any other, nor attend to what any man whatever may do and say, but follow Christ, and Christ only. And if we doubt whether anything we are told by men is really what Christ has said and commanded, we are to turn to the Holy Scriptures, which are the fountainhead, from which God intends we should draw forth all truth. We should find out there what Christ really did say, and according to that we should hold fast, believing it and doing it, without adding to it or diminishing from it, nor twisting it this way and that, to right or to left, but simply obeying it." Well would it be if all people calling themselves Christians had walked by this rule!
- Frances Bevan, The Life of William Farel, 20-21. 


  1. And here lies the greatest problem and threat to the Body of Christ today: the all out assault on the veracity and all-sufficiency of the Word of God. All of the false doctrines and their teachers are guilty of manipulating the Word in one way or another to produce a lie. The most disturbing thing in all of this is the inability of too many of those who name the Name of Christ as Savior to be able to detect the lie and know the truth of the Word that refutes the lie. It's almost as if today's Christian is satisfied to have read the Bible through once or maybe twice and conclude that they have no further need to search the Scriptures, thinking that no more knowledge can be gained by further study. A big lie all to itself. Being a modern day Berean seems to be a waste of time to all too many "Christ followers". If you can not read the words of any modern day heretic and figure out what their lie is and the Scriptures that exposes their lie, then may I suggest that you spend more time reading the Word----not commentaries or books or even blogs, just the Word. You will never exhaust the knowledge and wisdom of the Holy Spirit and you will likely learn something new every time you read His Word. It's bad enough that the Word is under constant attack, but worse that our Lord's Bride does not spend more time in the Word and become able to "contend for the faith once for all delivered to the saints".

    It is my hope that these words will prompt all of us to spend more time in the Word.



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