03 March 2012

Patricia King on Discerning the Spirits

The irony is overwhelming.



  1. Who is Patricia King? I am not familiar with her.

  2. The only reason this gullible milking pastrix is publicly mumbling about what she is mumbling about is that the vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast majority of American Leavenjellycals have zero, absolute zero of any biblical discernment.
    Biblical illiteracy is so rampant and almost approaching the level of South America colonized by Roman Catholics and brought into spiritual darkness by their pelagian religion. Seems like the very same darkness is hovering over this land even though we still have a light there and a light here... "Invite Jesus into your heart"? Where is that in the Word??? That is a Roman Catholic concept representing their teaching about human will and it goes to prove that this land is under onslaught of Roman Catholicism. This pastrix works for that and not the Gospel.

  3. Anonymous,

    Patricia King is part of a group called "Extreme Prophetic." The name pretty much says it all. She hopelessly twists Scripture and preaches about signs and wonders, angelic visitations, etc. She even teaches that Christians are commanded to resurrect people from the dead. If you look up her videos on YouTube, you'll get a pretty good idea of what she's all about.

  4. I'm a bit reticent to speak out since I'm one of those whom God has given the gift of discerning the spirits to, when I was first saved. Sometimes I think that people like me are made fun of or put down or not believed, that it's used anymore such as the (apostolic gifts) which have ceased and because of all those who have abused this gift.

    John MacArthur has spoken about this gift Biblically-http://solasisters.blogspot.com/2012/02/discerning-of-spirits.html

    I don't know much of Patricia King except that she's off in left field when it comes to what the Bible says about the gifts and how they're given(maybe that's the irony you're pointing out)?? If she's one of those NAR's then she's really living to the irony.

    Firstly, Gifts are NOT given by just someone praying for them as she says and nor are they learned in a school. And NOR are we born again with all 9 gifts as she falsely claims and we just need to "activate them". Gifts are distributed by the Holy Spirit according to His will-Hebrews 2:4.

    The Gift of discerning the spirits is NEVER used for personal gain or on a personal level as it seems she is implying. It is ALWAYS used for the Church and it always is "The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy".

    This "Activation" of the 9 gifts is erronious. the Apostolic gifts have ceased.
    A very SERIOUS matter is the counterfeiting of the Holy Spirit-Whenever a person talks about the "spirit of Christ"-Romans 8:9, more than (the person and work of Jesus Christ)- that's a red flag. The spirit of Christ can be counterfeited and it is being done so well most cannot tell the difference. The Son- the Object of our faith -the Person we received cannot be counterfeited.(1 John 5:12)

  5. JM,
    Yes, that is the irony I am speaking about. Her teaching and ministry indicate that Patricia King is likely led by false spirits, so her teaching on this topic is ironic, to say the least.

    I have heard and read MacArthur's teaching on this topic and agree wholeheartedly with his biblical position.

  6. RICH, she can tell the spirit of error :) She fails to realize that IT started speaking when she did.


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