28 March 2012

Mark Driscoll Resigns from The Gospel Coalition Council

Almost immediately following the announcement that Mark Driscoll is handing the presidency of the Acts 29 Network over to Matt Chandler comes the following news from D.A. Carson and The Gospel Coalition:
Driscoll Steps Down from TGC Council 
Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle has recently announced he is stepping down from the Council of The Gospel Coalition. Mark let us know in advance of his intentions, part of a major reorganization of his priorities and a changing of the guard in Acts 29. We are saddened by his departure but understand that all busy people must establish priorities. 

The Council is grateful to Mark for his contributions to TGC during the past decade. In the months and years ahead, we will certainly be praying for him, his family, and the ministries he influences. (Online Source)
Carson has provided Driscoll's letter to TGC in his post here, wherein Driscoll offers his reasons for resigning.

It will certainly be interesting to see where all of this leads.

**UPDATE** 29 March 2012

Mark Driscoll has posted a detailed account of "what's next" for him here.

Matt Chandler Assumes Presidency of Acts 29 Network


  1. I was at the TGC website earlier and if you speak anything negative about Mark D your post is banished. I was called ungodly for saying some of had some issues with EF2 and his sex book. The big thing I am seeing is you have people ( leaders) who disagree. They are spinning the reasons for leaving organizations. What they are doing is not being truthful. I pray they will all start to have an honest and I mean honest, loving and difficult series of public and private discussions addressing these issues. I'm thankful for this site where the truth is spoken in a loving way.

  2. "So, this is a season of pruning for me."
    ~ Mark Driscoll in his resignation letter.

    No, the reason is deeper, broader and holier than you can or are willing to admit. You are not the one who is pruning Driscoll. You are being pruned out.

  3. All this comes on the heals of Paul Petry's website coming on line. Mark's use of his wife's past life in Real Marriage are deplorable for a pastor. He has printed for the entire earth to read, short comings of his covenant partner and made very little reference to his own wickedness. I am a wicked redeemed sinner and only by God's grace is that the case and can it actually be known to my own heart. Our hearts are deceitfully wicked and we constantly deceive ourselves into believing we are better off than we actually are. In my opinion, Mark Driscoll needs to start by pulling Real Marriage off the shelf and try to purchase back every copy that has been sold. His wife's past is cast into the sea of forgetfulness and Mark wants to act like the victim. He is always talking about how tough he is but really it appears like he is a little baby from the reviews and quotes I have read from Real Marriage. He, also, needs to repent of his treatment of Paul Petry and Bent Meyer. Bent is now counseling people like himself who have experienced relationships with people like Mark Driscoll. In his linkedin profile he describes his past experience as Shepherding/Counseling Pastor of a large Seattle church. He doesn't even reference the church name. I would not want to be associated with Mars Hill either. He does mention them in his education background as that is needed to help people understand he is qualified but strangely not in the past experience section. Please post some stories about Jamie Munson, joyfulexiles, and Storyville Coffee so folks will know where he now works and/or is a part owner (co-president). Folks should know what they are supporting when they purchase Storyville Coffee.

    1. Well said, CTC.

      I don't know anything about Storyville Coffee. Is there anything you can throw my way to help me get started?


  4. I agree with you~

    "no such thing as a disobedient Christian as a pattern of life. True Christians don’t walk in continual, unbroken, unrepentant patterns of sin and rebellion against God’s Word. Certainly true Spirit-filled, born again believers can and do sin both miserably and frequently, but in contradistinction to the unregenerate self-righteous false believer who attempts to blame shift and justify his sin the true believer is broken and grieved by his sin and flees to the cross with a contrite and repentant heart."

    We will recognize them by their fruit and his fruit is rotten. He needs to show FRUIT by repentance which is the true genuine mark of a genuine Christian ~

    And I have to say not trying to be in any way disrespectful but it just kills me every time I hear people like Mark addressed as a "Pastor". It's like a strident sound in my ear.
    I pray he repents for love always hopes

  5. Linda said: "Certainly true Spirit-filled, born again believers can and do sin both miserably and frequently", If...in your words a true Christian sins miserably and frequently... there is bond to be a few sins in there that are repeated over and over again and could be called a pattern. This might be a shocker but everyone except Christ has problems with sinful patterns. Thats why we need a Savior every day for our entire life. God Bless


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