20 March 2012

"Easy Button" Easy-Believism

The following article was written by Christian Research Network correspondent Justin Edwards of airō and appears in its entirety here.
Gutless Gracers’ Easy-believism 
Before and shortly after God saved me in March 2009, most of the websites I followed were primarily concerned with biblical prophecy. Naturally, most of these sites are dispensational and unfortunately have an unbiblical view on the doctrine of salvation (known as soteriology). Of course, these sites have a very unfavorable view (at best) of Calvinism, and they detest the doctrine of lordship salvation. 
Now, to be clear, I am a dispensationalist and Calvinist (of the Steven Lawson and John MacArthur type), so being a dispensationalist does not equate to rejecting lordship salvation or Calvinism (for you reformed saints who may think otherwise). In any case, one such website popular among online dispensationalists is Grace Thru Faith run by Jack Kelley. His website is also very popular at the Rapture Ready message board, where I used to be a moderator in my infant days (full disclosure here, save the tomatoes please). 
Having not thought much about Kelley’s website for some time since I grew out of these particular circles, I was quickly reminded of it when reading through chapter 10 of Pyromaniac Dan Phillips’ The World-Tilting Gospel. I remembered a few of the articles I had read years ago from Kelley and his destructive teaching of easy-believism. Ultimately, Kelley is of the type who believes saving faith does not result in a changed life. After reading Dan’s book last night, I think it’s pretty clear Jack Kelley might be called a “Gutless Gracer.”
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