18 March 2012

Does Perry Noble Need to Heed His Own Advice?

Have you always wondered what is the secret behind a mega church pastor's sermon success? Well, if so, then you should have tuned in last week to the webcast of the Preach Better Sermons online conference. Speakers for this online-only event included Andy and Charles Stanley, Perry Noble, and Louie Giglio, among others.

The Christian Post enlightens us as to some of Perry Noble's advice to the viewers of this event:
NewSpring Church Pastor Perry Noble advised the thousands of pastors watching online to begin with the Word of God and not a VH1 video or popular song. 
"Let the text, the Bible drive the sermon. Don't say I saw a video on VH1 and I want to establish a sermon around that," the South Carolina megachurch pastor exhorted. "The Word of God has to be where it starts. I'm so passionate about that." (Online Source)
Um...has Perry Noble forgotten about Easter 2009?

Well, it was nearly three years ago, so perhaps it slipped his mind. But what about the Spring of 2011, when Newspring Church featured Katy Perry's then-hit single "Firework" in the Sunday service?

Glad to see that popular songs aren't driving the services there at Newspring. The Christian Post article continues:
Noble, whose church is getting ready to launch its eighth campus, said nearly every idea that he has preached on for the past five years came out of his quiet time. He made it clear, however, that his quiet time with the Lord is not sermon prep time. 

"But while I'm reading the Bible to try my best to hear the voice of God, if something pops in my mind, I write it down," he explained. 

"A preacher preaches best when he preaches out of the overflow of his heart. I really want to try my best to communicate that idea that God set my heart on fire with." (Online Source)
We certainly hope that Noble is not listening for an audible voice from God, however, it's difficult to imagine that a careful study of Scripture would lead one to use the above two songs in a Sunday worship service. But then, Noble has previously explained what led him to the decision to play "Highway to Hell" for the Easter Sunday service, and he does seem to claim that the idea came from God.

So which is it? Is Perry Noble preaching from the Word of God, or from an "idea that God set [his] heart on fire with?" One is clear, God-breathed Scripture, while the other seems to be an emotionally driven whim. So what does Perry Noble's track record indicate? Is he really allowing the biblical text to drive the sermon, as he described to the online viewers of the Preach Better Sermons event?

Well, it wasn't too long ago that we heard Perry Noble preach Matthew 6:33 as a text that commands tithing. So, even if he is opening a Bible on the stage each week, it appears that Noble is still in need of a refresher course in biblical hermeneutics and exegesis.

It seems, then, that Perry Noble knows the right thing to say when discussing what a pastor should do. Unfortunately, it appears that he at times has difficulty practicing what he preaches (pardon the pun). Nevertheless, we certainly hope that Perry Noble will begin to heed his own advice. How nice it would be if those soon-to-be eight campuses of Newspring Church would begin to hear the clear, un-compromised Word of God preached each week rather than merely having their itching ears scratched.

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  1. Its' a mad, mad, mad world. That this clown has an audience of anything more than his bathroom mirror is proof of the madness of this world.

    Can we not say that a sure sign of Divine judgement is the very notion that a room full of "people calling themselves Christians" would twice a week actually sit and listen to this yahoo ?


    1. A christian would not talk about other people....I happen to go to that church and I love my church...only hipocrits talk about people like that....

    2. You might also "love" smoking or try to beat the train on your station every morning... If one approached you about any of those with a suggestion would he be a "hypocrite" or would he be a well meaning person? Take a wild guess.

  2. I agree with Anon,,,. I cannot understand for the LIFE of me how anyone could follow Perry Noble who is so abusive and lacks any evidence of the fruit of the spirit..

    Are people really this dumb and credulous?

    "But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach"-Mat.23:3b

    Pr.17:16 "Of what use is money in the hands of a fool since he has no desire to get wisdom."

    Pr.18:1 An unfriendly man pursues selfish ends; he defies all sound judgment.

  3. I agree. Some "people calling themselves Christians" are not as enamored with the Bible and living a holy life as they are in following egotistical, self-styled rebel leaders and being considered part of an elite "In Crowd". They especially delight in their leader's edgy opinions and antics, no matter how grotesquely unscriptural. Anon #2

  4. I have been here once and now seeing this I am beginning to think it was a mistake. Perry Noble is making a fool of all us Christians and he needs to get off the stage. The AC/DC performance on Easter Sunday was uncalled for! I am sick of all the "wanna be" pastors. Did we forget that Perry is NOT AN ORDAINED pastor? He shouldn't even be up on the pew pit! What is this world getting to!?!?!

    1. "Did we forget that Perry is NOT AN ORDAINED pastor? He shouldn't even be up on the pew pit!"

      You're right, He shouldn't be. If he were a Doctor he would be charged with malpractice and sent to jail. The same should be with Perry Noble.

      All I can figure is, some people love the abuse this hireling incurs on them because maybe with most of his followers their sins and guilt still remain(they have never truly repented and trusted in Jesus). Perry makes them the whipping post for punishment of (their sins) so they have an excuse not to feel so bad about continuing in sin.. A kind of asceticism

  5. Perry Noble is an epitome for a stand up "comedy" of leavenjellycalism in America and now other places as well thanks to its export overseas by Gulfstream Jet flying overpaid comedians and entertainers.


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