01 March 2012

"Chrislam," the Musical

From Northwood Church in Keller, TX:

GFF - Thu Opening Music from Northwood Church on Vimeo.

If you listen to Fighting for the Faith, you know that I owe a hat tip to Chris Rosebrough for the title of this post. This is a demonstration of syncretism at its finest, or at its worst, depending upon how you view it. The "Christian" song that was played at the end of this was "Gloria," written by Paul Colman. Lyrics are below:
Gloria, Gloria

We all walk the same earth
We all breathe the same air
We all feel the same rain that falls
Every knee will bow down
Every tongue will say out loud
That you're the King and the Maker of all

All God's children, all God's children
Sing Gloria, sing Gloria
All creation, come before Him
Sing Gloria, sing Gloria

We all have the same heart
Beneath our skin the same blood
Flowing from our maker's hand
We all wear the same wrong
But we're covered by God's Holy One
Our voices sing and we can't help but stand

All of my sins are washed away
Covered with love and saved by grace
So let the earth resound with this the sound we make

Gloria, Gloria 
Think about it. This video, which is nearly a year and a half old, shows part of the worship that took place at the Global Faith Forum in November of 2010. This event was sponsored by organizations such as World Vision, Leadership Network and Patheos, among others. If this was happening in 2010, then why should we be surprised at the broad ecumenical leaps that our "evangelical" leaders continue to take today?

What we see in the video began with a Jewish cantor singing from the Torah. It continued with a Muslim woman singing from the Koran. It concluded with a song describing the unity of everyone on earth. What is the logical conclusion of this progression?

Well, we may all walk the same earth, we may all breathe the same air, we may all feel the same rain...but, we are not all covered by God's Holy One. Those of other religions are not my brothers and sisters in Christ. They are not relying on the person and work of Jesus Christ for salvation. So yes, every knee will one day bow, and every tongue will one day declare that Christ is Lord...but not all will do so willingly. Not all will do so joyfully.

The Chrislam Song: Ave Maria and Allah Akbar (from Stand Up for the Truth)

Chrislam: When Common Ground Becomes Shaky Ground


  1. the ONLY thing all human beings have in common is being born of Adam and inheriting his sin. We all begin with the same Father-satan before some of us are saved, redeemed and washed clean of our sins by Jesus' precious royal, sinless blood and brought into the kingdom of God's Son that he loves.
    Christians are not of the same family as the lost and we are not of the same kingdom. We are in God's kingdom now.

    Some people are so full of perversity they will just go audaciously into hell. I'm afraid that many people(not all) are beginning to be staunch no matter what you tell them.

  2. I did not just see that! What a disservice to Jesus Christ and to the true church...

  3. Yes Jehovah I guess your name said's it all.


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