17 February 2012

This 'n' That

It occurred to me last evening that I fail to thank my readers often enough. For this I apologize. The reality is, without my readers, there is no point in my writing. So, thank you. To those who send encouragement, whether it is in the comment string, in a personal email, or on Twitter, thank you. Your words and the thoughts that you share are precious to me. Whether you realize it or not, God is using you to encourage this ministry, and to remind me of the necessity to persevere. Without your sentiments, this work could easily lead one to drown in a sea of discouragement. Thank you.

Now, to those who offer words of criticism: thank you. Your words, whether they are shared "in Christian love" or with vitriol, are of vital importance to this ministry. Your disagreements challenge me to stand ready to defend the faith once for all delivered to the saints. Your provocations necessarily compel me to defend all things in light of Scripture. In short, the words of the critics drive me back to Jesus Christ and to His Word. As such, your criticism is invaluable. So, thank you.

Okay, enough sappiness. Dry your eyes and enjoy your week in review (kind of):
So was Pastor MacArthur himself in favor of an NIV version of the MSB?
Yes, he was. In his words, "No matter what version of the Bible people are reading, I want to be able to help them understand the meaning fully and accurately. The NIV is the most widely used translation in the world, with millions of users. Some prefer it because they find it easier to read than other translations. All English versions of Scripture have translation problems and ambiguities. That's one of the major benefits of a good study Bible. The notes and other tools built into the volume can highlight and clarify the proper meaning—or at least give a more precise understanding of what the original text actually says. My prayer is that these insights and explanations, together with the acclaimed readability of the translation, will help illuminate the true meaning and unleash the divine power of Scripture for NIV readers." (Online Source)
  •  I'm not exactly "into" hip-hop, and even "Christian hip-hop" makes me more than a little uneasy. Still, this bit of "discernment rap" by IV His Son and Jovan Mackenzy has a spot-on message.
  • A spiritual call to arms:


  1. Thanks for all you do. As I'm newly beginning to share the truth and defend the faith I can appreciate your sentiments here. Thanks for linking the Blackaby article this week.

  2. I have really come to look forward to your T&T. Thanks a lot for such good stuff. Well, good in the sense that your a good source of information, not that the stuff is good. Geez, you know what I mean...don't you?
    Thank you.

  3. LOL, mwhenry - yes, I know what you mean! :-)

  4. Thank you for taking the time out to thank everyone who comes here. that really means a bunches to me. I cannot tell of some of the blogs I've been to that simply don't and won't even acknowledge you being there.

    I still don't let that discourage me though because I know they may just not know or be aware of the importance. I just give it over to the LORD and continue to love them anyways. That's the resurrection power of Jesus Christ in our lives all to the praises of God the father Almighty -To HIM be all the glory and honor~

    May God continue to richly bless you EBenz and your writings for his glory

  5. Yes, Ebenz, please keep up the good work. We will fight for the Truth along with you. Be ecouraged!

  6. Well, JM, I know that I am not usually very involved in the comment string, and that can appear as though I'm indifferent toward my readers, though the reality is that my schedule simply doesn't allow for it! But I do treasure my readers - and all of your comments - and it seemed like a good time to let you all know that! :)

    Thank you for the kind words. We are indeed in a "Truth War!"

  7. I love your site; while always discerning, it also has a dash of humor I enjoy. I had a question for you (if you don't mind) why are some opposed to the NIV bible? Just wondering if I should go back to a KJV instead.

    Thank you and keep up the great work.
    God Bless,


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