10 February 2012

This 'n' That

Okay, so the Elephant Room dominated these Friday posts for two weeks, but today we are slowly easing our way back into the old, familiar format. Unfortunately, there are still several ER2 related links in the list below, but again, it's not my fault that this has not yet gone away! While Mark Driscoll is being curiously silent amid the continuing hullabaloo, James MacDonald seems to insist on talking when, quite honestly, it would probably be best for everyone - including MacDonald himself - if he would just stop. But hey, if he did, what would us basement-dwelling, beanbag-sitting, Cheeto-munching bloggers do to fritter away our hours?

So, even though today's post is a bit late, might I suggest that you prepare yourself a steaming cup of hot chocolate, get comfortable in your beanbag chair or wherever it is that you enjoy reading your favorite blog (and yes, I know that this one is your favorite), and enjoy your week in review (kind of):

  • A Survey of the Soils:


  1. I am glad that the Presbyterian Church in Pakistan took a stand against the erroneous Bible translations. I suppose that it was part of an attempt to over contextualize the gospel for Muslims. Ever since I heard of C5 and C6 communities in the Muslim world I was uneasy with that. It is not right to teach believers that they do not have to change their Muslim identity to be a Christian. They are part of the body and Christ and should not be cut off from other believers due to their secret status.

  2. "But hey, if he did, what would us basement-dwelling, beanbag-sitting, Cheeto-munching bloggers do to fritter away our hours?"

    Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't that apply to guys, and white middle aged ones at that? How qualified are you anyway?......

    Thanks for the fine work.

  3. mwhenry,

    Well, I have been told that, since I don't fit the profile of a blogger, I should just stop blogging. Obviously, I ignored that advice. :)

  4. On Wycliffe~

    Muslims Misunderstanding the relationship between the Father and Son and Mary is not new nor unique to Islam. In fact it began with Muhammad himself. Muhammad’s major mistake was that when interpreting the Bible (he misunderstood) when it talks about God the father having a son.

    Muhammad took it in a "physical sense". The Bible has never taught that and has never meant that God the Father has a physical body and he did not have a physical son.

    Knowing who Jesus is-IS essential to salvation. If anyone is presenting a bible that is omitting who Jesus is,-The son of man, the son of God, then he's a coward and is wasting his or her time and should pack up his/her bags and go home.

    Besides I don't know of any genuine Christian who would ever leave out the essential truth of who Jesus is to be saved.

    Jesus made it very clear in John 8:24 "I told you that you would die in your sins; if you do not believe that I am [the one I claim to be], you will indeed die in your sins."

    If wycliff does this its a cowardly act on their parts to kowtow to Muslims.

  5. Actually, this has become my favorite blog. Keep up the good work for His sake and in His name.

  6. Nice selection for us once again. Thank you. Don Green announced recently that he is leaving Grace Life Pulpit, and Grace Community Church to answer a call to be pastor of a new church, in Ohio, I think. His announcement is at the endof the sermon "What is Sin" (Jan 22) or "What is Salvation? (Feb 5). I was heartbroken for myself, but I'm glad for the many congregants at the new church who will be under his care. And that is what the MacArthur church is all about anyway, training up men to go forth and multiply the Kingdom in Jesus' name. Pastor green will be around for about two more months.

  7. Excellent collection, as usual. I really just have to include your report of the pedophile "pastor" in my "random" report this week! That church has no idea of pastoral requirements!

  8. Thank you for this sermon from John MacArthur. What a preacher! What a pastor! Just what I needed to get my mind off this Elephant Room abomination. I would like to lock James MacDonald in a room and make him watch 12 straight hours of John MacArthur's sermons. Maybe it would remind him of the man he used to be.

  9. James was NEVER John Macarthur, nor should he be. James is whatever makes his empire grow the largest.


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