26 February 2012

Ken Ham Misrepresented by Tim Keller

From Ken Ham's Answers in Genesis blog:
Tim Keller is pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, New York. He attended Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, PA. 
He is known as a good Bible teacher and has a heart for evangelizing New York City. Redeemer Presbyterian’s Hope for New York outreach program seeks to satisfy the spiritual and material needs of those in the community. Hope for New York does sets a high standard for Christian participation in the larger community. 
But … In a new article posted this past week, he has grossly misrepresented what I believe and teach. 
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Some Concerns About Keller


  1. "He is known as a good Bible teacher"

    I've never cared for Tim Keller and I've never thought of him as a "good bible teacher". He is a master of the oblique approach. I've tried to listen to him and he is quite circuitous.
    Also he is into mysticism which is very unbiblical.

    So I'm not surprised that Tim Keller would misrepresent Ken Ham.

  2. With you on that, J.M.

  3. And from the entire blogging culture of GC we hear the sound of....crickets. I wonder if the would accuse Ken Ham of eating cheetos.


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