11 February 2012

James MacDonald Teaches Us to "Do As I Say, Not As I Do"

This evening, James MacDonald, of Harvest Bible Chapel and Walk in the Word, sent out the following tweet:
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Clearly this must be a case of "do as I say, not as I do." Or, perhaps MacDonald merely has forgotten his now infamous "reformed Nazi" tweet of August 18, 2011:

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Tonight, not long after publicly criticizing those who criticize publicly, MacDonald said this:
(Online Source)

Hm, I guess Jesus goofed in Matthew 23, rebuking the Pharisees before the crowds. And how embarrassing for Paul, since he opposed Peter before others!
But when Cephas came to Antioch, I opposed him to his face, because he stood condemned. For before certain men came from James, he was eating with the Gentiles; but when they came he drew back and separated himself, fearing the circumcision party. And the rest of the Jews acted hypocritically along with him, so that even Barnabas was led astray by their hypocrisy. But when I saw that their conduct was not in step with the truth of the gospel, I said to Cephas before them all, “If you, though a Jew, live like a Gentile and not like a Jew, how can you force the Gentiles to live like Jews?” (Galatians 2:11-14)
Sadly, as MacDonald alluded to in his first tweet mentioned here, those who "publicly criticize" on Twitter can easily be blocked and ignored. Go ahead, just stick your fingers in your ears, maybe those who defend the truth and refuse to compromise God's Word will just go away...

Look, no one is out to "get" anyone here, and no one is calling for a tar and feathering, but the irony and the hypocrisy of the situation is really becoming ridiculous. Ultimately, let us continue to pray for Harvest Bible Chapel, for its congregation, and for its pastor.

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  1. just to be clear in the passage you quoted....

    he approached him first face to face and then in the presence of all.
    exactly what pastor james quoted. know you are aiming to discredit him as often as possible, but you missed here.

  2. I'm not "aiming to discredit" anyone. Just pointing out a little irony. And thus far MacDonald hasn't exactly been receptive to criticism - and not just from us dreaded "bloggers," but from Godly men who have expressed concern. The attitude displayed in the above tweets makes it fairly clear how he feels about those who dare criticize.

  3. I wonder where are the Harvest Bible Chapel elders? Why are they allowing James MacDonald to behave in such a manner unbefitting a pastor? It is our Lord who is being discredited as the world watches and laughs.

  4. @Anonymous on the top,

    Try to get to MAcDonald face to face... Not only is that for the most part impossible and will be prevented by his security and body guards but the man does not wishes that. He is not open to any criticism of his madness and head long dive into cesspool of heresy and sin . This is precisely while he excluded himself from the Gospel Coalition where brothers who had access to him tried to correct him and rebuke his errors. He had none of that. Now he will have none of criticism offered on blogs and Twitter. This is not China yet even though millions of our jobs are there already. We still can post and criticize whomever we wish to and pope/first secretary of HBF Inc. can do nothing about that. His assertion of "love" and lack of it in his critics is completely ridiculous, immature, shallow, manipulative, derogatory and unbiblical. It is ok for MacDonald to publicly spout his name calling on others i.e. "nazis" but it is not ok for anyone to criticize publicly what pope/first secretary of HBF, Inc. does in the name of Gospel held dear to millions of people. What a sad clown like rant that is... This is how biblical love between brothers in faith is defined:

    "Everyone will know by this that you are my disciples – if you have love for one another.”
    ~ John 14:35 NET

    Is this a sign of that love and that discipleship to intimidate brothers and sisters in Christ by security guards and police arrest as MacDonald's stuff did with few internet journalist which MacDonald then proceeded to defend and stood for on his blog? IS IT I ASK?..... Anyone sane and not enslaved to cult like conformism present at HBF knows the answer...

    Today's MacDonald is not MacDonald from the past and I am afraid that it will not be MacDonald of the future either... Bad company ruins character and we know with whom MacDonald and therefore HBF hangs out.

  5. Todays Macdonald is the past Macdonald, without the Biblically conservative make-up.

  6. To correct someone out of love is not the same as condemning them. Being everyone's critic is not the same as being a critical thinker when we evaluate false teachings in light of God's word.

    We are loving God with all our mind when we defend the faith in light of properly dividing God's word which clearly says - Encourage and rebuke with all authority. Do not let anyone despise you.. So I call it being a good Berean

    It's just that some people don’t want their splinter removed even after we have gone to Scripture and removed the log out of our own eye first. It's called loving the TRUTH more than lies even if it means "Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth"?

    James is getting confused with God's correction in his life. Jesus made it VERY clear "that if you judge without properly getting that log out your own eye the same measure you judge others with will be measured to you. It's being dished out to him ~~SAD

    Pro 9:12 If you are wise, your wisdom will reward you; if you are a mocker, you alone will suffer."

  7. "know you are aiming to discredit him as often as possible, but you missed here."

    No, we didn't miss. By the way, we aren't discrediting James MacDonald.

    Sadly, he's doing that all by himself. We're merely documenting his slide.

    What MacDonald is doing is wrong and will lead many astray. We've no intention to sit idly by while he does so.

    He is not an evangelical pope about criticism. James MacDonald teaches very publicly, his sin is public, and it will be dealt with in public.

  8. His sermon this weekend is an example of his selling out. Yes, there was a lot of truth mixed in with a perversion of the Scripture. I wonder if anyone else in the congregation caught it. Truth mixed with lies... remember who is behind this. James MacDonald has become a tool of the devil. Continue to pray for this once upholder of truth and continue to speak out. And as Ebenz pointed out in one of her posts, this is a battle.

  9. "AGAPE;love,a word not found in classical greek but only in revealed religion.Translated
    "charity"meaning benevolent
    love.Its benevolence ,however,
    is not shown by doing what the
    person loved desires,but what
    the one who loves deems as
    needed by the one loved".If we
    love our professing brother who is in error then we have to do what
    scripture tells us is best,help him to see his error so he can seek the Lord's forgiveness and
    direction,not forgetting our own feet of clay.(Quote from KeyWord Study Bible,lexical aids to the New Testament #26 AGAPE)

  10. In regards to the HBC Elders, this morning during the 1st part of the sermon, King James said there was great unity among the elders and church leadership.

    He's said he has been busy writing a how to church book ("Vertical Church") for his HBF churches. Usually every other Sunday he preaches live at the campus I attend but I don't think he has been "live" there this year yet. Ironic that an inacessible, unavailable, non present preacher is writing a "how to" church book.

    Anyway he also acknowledge much "spiritual opposition" so far this year, which he said is to be expected from the Devil and his adversaries whenever you seek to do great things for God (i.e. write a how-to church book).

    The message was about Paul's conversion -- well really he turned it into general story of conversion of anyone. He highlighted the part where Jesus said "Why are you persecuting ME?" Not said directly but combined with what I mentioned earlier, it seems like he is saying between the lines that those that have "spiritual opposed" him (MacDonald) are in reality persecuting Jesus.

    Not all was bad in the sermon but this part stood out to me.

    Oh just remembered ... he says we need to be careful how we label unbelievers -- just like we wouldn't call some one "cripple" or "retarded" -- so he came up with the term for unbelievers: "spiritually disabled" I kid you not!

  11. @Romans6:23

    "spiritually disabled"... This euphemism coined by MacDonald sounds like a classic pelagianism oriented and inspired term. It remains to be seen if pelagianism is in fact starting to blow at HBF... I would have to listen to KJV audio - King James the Vertical to see if that is the direction he is taking but I have no patience for that. Not tonight...

  12. Gosh, I have always thought I was spiritually DEAD before God gave me life. Good to know that I was only spiritually "disabled". Maybe I could have gotten by with a physical therapist rather than needing the risen Savior.

  13. @ Rom623
    Do you attend the church just to public ally criticize? I think it's time for you to find a new church. And as far as personally speaking with James - how have you tried?

  14. 'And as far as personally speaking with James - how have you tried?"

    How about you tell us FIRST how you have tried? If trying was on your mind at all? Do you really think that MacDonald would listen to you if he will not listen to all these men on Gospel Coalition and beyond??? Yes, one can attend the HBF if only to criticize although I do not believe that is the case here. And you know why? To warn others who are getting manipulated and deceived and not everyone has enough discernment or aptitude to do just that. It is so much easier to mumble about "love, love, love" and be hedonistic about it just as MacDonald is than to say "wait a second this is wrong".

  15. Spiritually disabled ??? Really?
    This is the therapeutic non-gospel for politically correct low self esteem seekers. It is NOT true or necessary, except as a therapeutic way to soften the idea that we are DEAD in trespasses and sins against a Holy God.

    It is the equivalent of referring to adultery as "stress induced straying".

    Always beware when the ears of the hearer are being tickled rather than being told GODS' unchanging TRUTH.

    GODS WORD is not harsh or mean or in need of redefining to fit 21st century tastes and preferences. Any so called shepherd who starts down a path like this is already doing something very spiritually dangerous. He is implying GOD and HIS WORD, are less nice and palatable than the culturally relevant hireling who arrogantly believes he has mens hearts all figured out.

  16. More negative ripple effects of ER2 within the African-American Christian community...


    Pastor James doesn't see how big the consequences are in his behavior OR he does know and ignores it.

  17. (I'm just referring to the 3 tweet pics listed in the article. I skimmed some of the other comments that were unrelated to this then lost interest.)

    This is a ridiculous post. He isn't listing then criticizing a certain person for the whole world to read about but he's rebuking a way of thinking. How do you sleep at night, claiming to be a Christian but throwing your fellow Christians under the bus. p.s. please read Matthew 18.

    - Jim Martin

  18. Jim,
    I'm sorry that you're unable to see the blatant hypocrisy displayed by MacDonald's tweets above. It's been adequately explained in the post, so there's really no point repeating it here.

    Exposing hypocrisy and false teaching within the church does not prevent me from sleeping. How could it when what I am attempting to do is what has been commanded in Scripture, to 'contend for the faith once for all delivered to the saints?' God's Word is being compromised, and those who claim to be called as under-shepherds are leading the way. That is what should keep us up at night.

  19. This is what you're blogging about? James MacDonalds tweets?! Is this the "E!" channel for believers in Jesus Christ? From your words, it almost seems as though you're desperate to catch people doing something that you deem wrong... so sad. I agree that there are so many false teachers lurking around every corner, but the attitude of those "calling out" these people should not be a cynical one.

  20. mr.macdonald has more than once insulted or stereotyped christian denominations. he has insulted mainline denominations for their practice of traditions and other cultures for the way they dress. what he is actually doing is planting seeds of bigotry. i would hope that one day one or two of the elders would man up and call him on it and to repent to the church. it reveals a very shallow and sheltered life. calling denominations nazi or making fun of their traditions is pathetic even more pathetic is that the crowds still cheer.

  21. @Jim Martin,

    Will not talk about what is "ridiculous" but what is actually sad. It is rather sad to see your myopic double standards and cultist like consent and condonement for MacDonald's divisive and aggressive agenda. Do you think James MacDonald's sleeps well while attacking whole swaths of Church and multitudes of Christians??? Do you think MacDonald's missed a night's sleep in his multi million dollar mansion in Inverness, IL after attacking Christians in more or less subtle ways on his blog? Do you think MacDonald was pacing restlessly through all the floors of his mansion after he attacked Christians on Twitter and at one time calling his critics "NAZIS"???
    Do you think he sits in his large kitchen sipping coffee at 2:00am after ridiculing and putting down other Christians in his sermons? Do you? I know you did not even thought that way for your are indoctrinated into cult of personality and will accept anything this man does. You read that Matthew 18:17 again and again... MacDonald REFUSED to listen to many who approached him in person. Not only that he checked himself out of a future possibility of those brothers having the same opportunity of correcting him in his errors. This is precisely why he withdrew himself from the Gospel Coalition. He REFUSED to be corrected and REFUSED to repent PUBLICLY for his PUBLIC errors that is why it is an obligation of all who have a shred of discernment left to tell it now to THE WHOLE CHURCH. This is what this blog and many other blogs and ministries are doing yet you are too shortsighted to see it and too enslaved to every word slipping from the lips of MacDonald.


    You analogy is baseless and what James MAcDonald says on Twitter about FAITH is not his private matter nor is that any form of entertainment. His comments are PUBLIC and therefore require to be dealt with in PUBLIC as well. Isn't that logical and honest? It is not like Erin was hidding behind a chair in Starbucks to take notes on MacDonald's private conversation with some of his staff where he was whining about Reformed Christians and calling them names... He actually called those Christians "NAZIS" and you now how many addressees of those words are there? 44,461... Yes, OVER FORTY FOUR THOUSANDS that is how many followers MacDonald has... Did that ever made you think a bit? If he would say that RC Sproul for example is a "nazi" would that make you stop and think? And that is also in a way or essence what he actually said. Or anything goes for your beloved leader? Is it really?

  22. My beloved leader?? Have you been sitting behind me in Starbucks taking notes? You have no clue what I think about James MacDonald. You are so quick to defend yourselves, in such a snide manner....and you belive THAT is the attitude of Jesus Christ that YOU are reflecting?

    1 Corinthians 13

    Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I have become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal.

  23. @Amanda,

    Yes, when not hiding in basements we are hiding behind chairs in Starbucks spying and taking notes... Let me give you an example of snide: "Is this the "E!" channel for believers in Jesus Christ?" Can you hear the sound?

  24. My "E!" comment was meant as a sarcastic joke, I sincerely apologize if it did come off as a snide remark.

    It's so incredibly sad that this Christian site feels so hostile. This will be my last post on this website ever, or even visiting it, and I want to say one last thing.... please check yourself to make sure you're not doing the same thing that you accuse your brothers and sisters in Christ of.

  25. @Amanda,

    I was being sarcastic as well and it was not my intention to come across the way you took it. I apologize as well and this will not be my last post on this web site. As to not doing the same thing... We surely are not perfect and I am a rotten sinner in need of Grace but none of us leads multi site church with 13,000 people. None of us talks on twitter to 44K plus followers and uses that to call derogatory names on whole swaths of Church. Furthermore, none of us rubs elbows with ravenous heretical wolfs on TV and beams that all over the country to seed strife, division and confusion. Can you grasp the difference? If you do then you will understand why this blog and so many others are so needed and so precious.You will understand why even one tweet is so important especially if it goes before 44 thousand eyes and then is multiplied all over the net.

  26. I would like to hear from Robert Jones on how the elder board are in their unity rather than coming from Pastor James (from the weekend services and the radio airwaves). I would also like to hear from Pastor Ric Donald, Pastor David Learned, Pastor Jeff Donaldson, and Pastor Mohan Zachariah. All I hear from is Pastor James here, Pastor James there, isn't that interesting? No one else is talking!!!! Please address the church God has entrusted you with. Desperately seeking truthful biblical answers within HBC.

    1. Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will not get it....The elders will not address the concerns of the church....so sinful.

  27. shhh. big money here. i have not been a christian that long but i do know why people do not go. they are planning church building projects. they are the inner circle. never once saw anyone in leadership hanging with us new folk. small group is nice but i did not see it more than a rap session. you guys better ask yourselves as to why are you sticking around? these guys mirror what the motivational speakers do.careful. thought i found something new. i wish i could take him and his men back to the hood with me and let them see taste and feel how it is outside of their mansions. you won't get an answer but very soon james will be "fired up" and lead you like sheep to his next project. get your kids out of there before its to late.

  28. maybe benny hinn can come next year.

  29. What about Jesus Christ and his blood bought Church he loves?

    I can understand where Amanda is coming from to a point. I'm hesitant to speak out when it comes to some of these tweets since I don't know when it's considered gossip or what or are we nitpicking or ???.(I'd love clarification in this area because I don't wanna displease my Lord).

    I also understand those who are passionate about our Lord who paid the infinite price for his precious bride to be. Jesus loves his Church and it's really such a shame to see people say they love Jesus but they will always be quick to jump on the side to defend a brother or sister who in SIN openly and publicly is violating God's word and even go so far as to imply tacit approval of unrepentant sinful vulgarity that coming out from James MacDonald. It is shameful and disrespectful and ought not to be. Where's the clarion call from the Body of Christ.

    God's love is a GIFT that has always put the GROUP FIRST as paramount at the expense of the one who is in the wrong and not the other way around letting an individual muddle and grunge the body of believers in Jesus Christ.

    I'm appalled by the opprobrium James is bringing on the Church of Jesus Christ. He's still in the position of a Pastor and THIS should not be so.

    It seems to me that James MacDonald does not want to be held accountable and so we as the Church MUST speak out.

    when it comes to Matthew 18

    Bob DeWaay has an article that helps clarify Matthew 18 in it's ((((CONTEXT)))


    scroll down to "Go to Your Brother in Private Matthew 18"


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