20 January 2012

This 'n' That

Well, it has been a most interesting week. It seems from every angle, things have been rather busy over the past few days! Of course, few things have been as prominent in the blogging world as the now infamous Code Orange Revival. Tonight T.D. Jakes will take the stage. Word is that people actually camped out overnight at Elevation Church to ensure that they could get a seat for this monumental event. Really? I guess I didn't realize that seeing a heretic live and in person was such a great occasion.

As I pondered the ramifications of Code Orange Revival (and there are and will continue to be many!), I did arrive at one conclusion. There will be some good come from this event. In the case of the missing Matt Chandler sermon, how ironic it is that the one good, Gospel-centered sermon, the one that Elevation Church attempted to censor, is actually the one sermon that people are searching for and waiting to hear? (It can be viewed here). I love that. In other cases, I cannot help but think that Code Orange might actually send some people further into God's Word. Hear me out. For those who are watching and whom God has drawn or is drawing to Himself, it is impossible to listen to these speakers and not seethe with frustration and anger over the twisting of the Biblical text. Yet, what does this overload of narcigesis result in? I pray that it is resulting in many opening their Bibles for themselves and delving into the whole context of these passages, in an attempt to discern what God is truly saying in His Word. Those who are enjoying having their ears tickled will walk away from this event content that they are more spiritual simply for having attended and/or watched. Those whose ears were not itching for such teaching in the first place will be driven back to God's Word in search of the Truth. And might I remind you, dear reader, that the Bible is where we ought to turn in our search for the truth. Scripture: always true, always relevant, and always, always, pointing us back to Jesus Christ, our Lord.

With that, here's your week in review (kind of):
  • Not entirely sure I agree with Voddie Baucham on this one.
  • In 2009, Perry Noble mocked the idea of planning a revival. Hm, he must have forgotten he said this.
  • Hey Haters! (Max Holiday Birdcage Theater Edition). Just watch it. It's worth it:


  1. ok, I tried, I really tried to hate the Hey Haters video but it's so hard to hate when you are doubled over laughing.

    Good one!

  2. Heh, there’s nothing like having a friendly smile on my face and the Joy of the Lord in my heart while listening to excellent kindergarten rebuttal

  3. Did anyone notice something weird about Furtick's eyes or it is just me...

  4. Erin, do you know if any of the Piper devotees have commented or explained what this tweet is about, other than its obvious meaning??

  5. Despeville,
    It's not just you.

    To my knowledge, the bizarre Piper tweet has not been responded to by anyone.

  6. Despeville I can see what you're saying at about the 1:17minute marker where his eyes all of a sudden get all goggled.

    Maybe he's demon possessed?

    This is definitely not the fruit of the Spirit

    Pastors are men who are to be above reproach and also show Christian decorum. this is totally opposite and way out of line with true genuine Christian character.

  7. @JM

    You got it. Right there and couple of other places as well...


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