06 January 2012

This 'n' That

Everybody knows that sanctification, miracles, and movements of God occur in 40 day increments. Because of this, and because he is such a staunch adherent to the biblical text, Rick Warren is instituting a new program. Yes, this year, churches and individuals alike can jump on the "40 Days in the Word" bandwagon! Now, why this only lasts 40 days, I don't know. Seems to me we ought to be in the Word every day, not just sign up now and then for a 40 day fill-up. But, I'm not the "pastor," Rick Warren is, so clearly he must know best.

Warren states in his promotional video on the 40 Days in the Word website, that this is the "next wave." He also says that it is a "leadership factory" and a "small group factory," so if you think of your church as a factory, you better get signed up! The best part is that you can join this campaign and acquire a "resource kit" for a mere $79.99. Honestly, this is a steal. How else will we learn how to open and study God's Word each day if Rick Warren, the Seeker-Driven Pope, doesn't teach us? I urge you to invest in this incredibly worthwhile resource. I trust that, 40 days from now, as you close your Bible and put it back on the shelf, you will not be disappointed. While you dig out your credit card to make this valuable purchase, here's your week in review (kind of):
  • Speaking of books, Mark and Grace Driscoll's new book, Real Marriage, was released this week. Challies has written a good review, as has Denny BurkFred Butler also weighed in with a "vintage" post.We really ought not be surprised that the book is seemingly a bit...off balance...as regards the topic of sex. I mean, this is Mark Driscoll. Of course, all I really need to see is this list of men who endorse the book to know that it's not worth the time, money or effort. 
  • As if California parents didn't already have enough reasons to keep their kids out the public schools, these institutions are now requiring that, all children "study the “role and contributions” of “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans” to the “development of California and the United States of America.” 
  • *Sigh.* Pat Robertson has heard from [a] god. Again. He even knows who is going to be the next president, but don't worry, he won't spoil the surprise for the rest of us!
  • We preach Christ crucified:


  1. Not that I'm agreeing with Rick Warren completely, as I stopped listening to him after 40 Days of Purpose and Purpose Driven Church. However, I would say that if you could get your congregation to buy off on a 40 day plan to get into the Bible, then you'd possibly get headway in people's lives. People need to commit to things, not just be told to do it. Whether it's right or wrong, Christians in America need "buy in." So it goes.

  2. The events over the last week (and every week unfortunately) makes me grateful that God has lifted the veil from my eyes.

    My "favorite" ridiculous moment, Pat Robertson and his little secret. He treats it almost like little girls at a slumber party telling secrets. Whisper, whisper...*giggle* "I know something you don't know!"

  3. Hang on remnant - 2012 is gearing up to be one wild ride.

    I too like Amanda give thanks and praise our wonderful Saviour for His mercy and love to save such a sinner as I.

    Thanks for your Friday This n That - it gives us much to think about, pray over and commit to the LORD to deal with in His time.

  4. Dan,
    True, it's always good to give your congregation a "nudge" into the Word. However, using anything created by Rick Warren would be unwise to say the least. I would not want my church to learn Scripture as interpreted by Rick Warren, they need to learn Scripture as God wrote it and intended it.

    LOL, yes, I like your slumber party analogy - it's quite a fitting picture!

    Glad you are enjoying the Friday posts. Praying God uses all to His glory.

  5. Thanks for the Steve Lawson....awesome as usual.

  6. RE: Affirmations of Roman Catholicism as "Christian" by Beth More, Rick Warren and other pseudo Protestants working for derailment of Gospel and expansion of Roman religion:

    "..There are certain things happening at the present time which make it imperative that every intelligent Christian should know something about Roman Catholicism. There are movements afoot, and meetings taking place which are trying to bring a kind of rapprochement between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism; and there are people who rejoice in this and say that it is a wonderful thing that we are beginning to draw together again, and that we can cooperate in certain respects, and that this is a wonderful manifestation of the Christian spirit.

    Now that kind of thing makes it imperative that we should understand something about what is happening; and as you look into the future the matter becomes urgent, for there are certain possibilities which must be envisaged. I understand from the statistics that there are certain countries in the world which, if the modern trends continue, will have a great majority of Roman Catholics in them soon; so if we continue with the democratic principle of deciding our form of government by counting heads, there will be a Roman Catholic majority. It is not difficult to envisage certain possibilities that may result from that. Indeed that may even happen in this country given a certain number of years. So from all standpoints it is imperative that we should look at this position and at this great fact which is confronting us..."


    More and worthy of reading:

  7. Which bible? Will Rick use 15 different versions just to memorize one verse-Ricks version? Brainwashing of the masses with fodder

    Oh wait let's see. Let's keep busy by having a conversation, oh no on second thought, oh no wait, thoughts,, we must contemplate and rid our thoughts --Silence

    see memorizing the word is easy folks Ricks way

  8. Dave,
    Yes, I thought that Steve Lawson sermon was phenomenal (as usual). So very thankful that God has used him in such a powerful way.

  9. Despeville,

    Wow, great quote, thank you for sharing!


    Precisely. Rick Warren knows nothing of digging into the biblical text and exegeting it to teach what God is saying. Instead, he cherry picks half-verses from various translations (if you can even call The Message a translation, which I would not), in order to further his own agenda. 40 Days in the Word with Rick Warren is really 40 Days in Rick Warren's word.


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