13 January 2012

A Stark Contrast to the Church Today

A timely and stark contrast to the world of entertainment that passes for Christianity today in America. Watch a few minutes of the Code Orange Revival, and then watch this.

Notice a difference? Oh, God, forgive us!


  1. Wow, that's so good! I feel like I've been punched in the stomach, deservedly.

  2. Amen!!! And I'm SO thankful for His WORD that teaches us how to live holy, lives unto the LORD!

  3. So much said in a few minutes. Thanks for posting. I personally needed to hear this.

  4. When I was a new Christian, the "Sister's" house had Bible study and the "Brother's" got together and listened to Bro. Len's and his close friend, A W Tozer's cassette teachings. Ruined me altogether for the silliness of today...God help us!

  5. You heard truth because it speaks to you in ways that suck the air out of you.

  6. Oh, Wow.

    Now THIS is what should be in our hearts. Not lusting after entertainment, as so many do.

    Thank you for putting this up.

    May God bless you, your ministry and all of us with a heart like in this video.


  7. i feel very convicted also confused. i have a knot in my stomach because everything that mr ravenhill said was true. when i first became a christian i lived in chicago we did pray and have prayer meetings. a good solid baptist church. when we moved to the suburbs everything was so different. the sanctuary became an auditorium and the pulpit a stage. it was very entertaining but there are no prayer meetings. if churches do not gather to pray what does that mean? does saying i will pray for you qualify? if you preached this sermon in one of these mega enterprises and turned off the stage production concert the churches would be empty. this is my true observation and i feel sorry for the kids because our leaders are letting other religions come into the communities
    and take over.

  8. I grew up in the church and will say the code orange video was pretty much like being back in youth group or let's say youth camp/revival/retreat where it's based on intense emotions and being pumped up for Jesus but then you get back home and everything is the same. The video you posted reflects the realness I now experience of truly walking with Christ. I fall and I'm stubborn but God is molding me and opening my eyes to what it means to walk with Him. I pray that many of the people that say they are now Christians because of these revivals or these sensation/emotion breeding churches truly know Christ and that if they don't, they will see and hear when God tries to open their eyes and ears to their true spiritual state.

    I've had to test my faith more than once (I'm still a baby christian!) to MAKE SURE I am God's own. We must all do this especially now because Christ's return for His bride is IMMINENT!

  9. i'm watching the live stream for code revival and i'm so used to hearing preachers like charles stanley and adrian rogers that preach from the word and stick to the word of God and focus on the word. Hearing someone preach meat and hearing this sort of vapid preaching is just like...wow...I'd be better off just staying at home and reading my bible and asking the holy spirit to guide me...also the way people are seated on the stage is unbelievable. They are just soaking everything up, jokes, random illustrations and everything. I'm the same age as the average person there and I'd probably feel kind of empty after attending something like this.

    I felt the same way after hearing Osteen and Joyce Meyers preach. So much was just fluff and I know The Word of God which is sharper than any 2 edged sword is the opposite of that!


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