21 January 2012

A Preview of the Elephant Room 2?

I think this tells us exactly where ER2 is going:

(Online Source)


  1. Yep. And another bromance begins.

  2. *Sigh*. Yes, sadly. It's just too bad the rest of us have to watch it unfold...

  3. Don't you think the narcissism is dripping here, since such a message would have been more personal, could have been more expressive, and would have been just as effective in the "alleged" intent if it were privately emailed?

    But no, they both found it necessary to utilize a public, 140-character maximum forum to grossly flatter.

    If James MacDonald wants us to believe that he is NOT doing this all as a publicity stunt, he is failing miserably at his own intent. This will do nothing besides earmark a tweet to which he can return and point out how "unity-centric" he is among the "wider stream" of our evangelical tradition.

    The most obvious factor in this whole debacle is no longer the content of the sermons, blog posts, or the confessional statements of the parties pointing us to a common faith (which none of them do), but rather the ridiculous exhibitionism that permeates all of their actions: tweets, blogs, and videos of shock-jock public statements that decry "negativity" and "intolerance".

    The obviousness? These are all the same types of words and tactics used by politicians and celebrities every day.

    My prayer is for my children, whose future struggles frighten me and remind me to train them up in the Word so that they are vigilant in upholding its truths.

  4. Frank Rue,

    God be praised. Well said!

  5. mind control. what is wrong with the people at harvest? this man is so inconsistent.these mega churches are corporations that involve nice paying jobs.does anyone remember when he started to change? well harvest join a small group. do not ask questions. do not call office we will not call you back. but don't forget to sent your money. it is so sad.

  6. Yep, it's mighty strange how people never defend God's word as final authority as most important. They would rather defend men and sycophant people who are false teachers than defend the truth as most important

    MacArthur hit then nail on the head when he said “False teachings will always cry intolerance,, it will always say you’re being divisive, you’re being unloving, you’re being ungracious ((because it can ONLY SURVIVE)) when IT isn’t scrutinized..””

  7. Isn't that rather amazing that although McDonald never met Jakes he stamped him in advance and from distance and long ago with his leavenjellycal imprimatur of approval? Without face to face conversation MacDonald declared Jakes as free and clear of sabellian heresy he has maintained all his life. As if that was not enough Jakes pimping and looting in the name of his false gospel purveying is not even a subject of concern for MacDonald and if anything it is an atribute. Watch this shameful pimping about to be spread more aggressively in Harvest and beyond after "Heretics Sharing Room" conference organized by MacDonald.

    J.M. great quote from MacArthur. This is precisely the nature of "hate" bludgeon happily swinged by MacDonald, Furtick, Noble, Jakes and others but also just the same by Roman Catholics, JWs, Mormons etc. etc. It is never about the substance of the criticisms and the arguments presented for this type of mentality. It is always and it must be about how hateful, unvolving and a terrible person the critic is... Ad hominem evasion is the only direction falsehood can run.

  8. Sound doctrine divides, James Macdonald unites, next question.

  9. Reminds me of Piper's glowing praises of Tricky Ricky. Or how many seem to blindly overlook Sexpert Driscoll's mouth and irreverence. Etc. Nothing new under the sun. The reformed world needs to get its house in order just like the SBC does.

    That and seriously, twitter is the most obnoxious tool on the internet. Nothing lends itself to one-sided narcissistic whining, self-congratulatory blather, and vain imaginations more than twitter.

    Acts 17:11
    in Christ


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