24 January 2012

James MacDonald Resigns from The Gospel Coalition

The following was published earlier today at Apprising Ministries.

Apprising Ministries wants you to know that on the eve of the Elephant Room II James MacDonald has telegraphed one of his punches.
With this resignation we really do get a cleaer picture of the ecumenical direction in which ER II is heading.
I point you now to a post today by D.A. Carson and Tim Keller:
Earlier today on his blog, James MacDonald publicly announced his resignation as a Council member of The Gospel Coalition. James was one of our founding members, and we would like to thank him and Harvest Bible Chapel warmly and publicly for their years of service and support. As the reason for his departure, James notes that he “has very different views on how to relate to the broader church.”
He added, “I believe their [TGC's] work will be assisted by my absence, given my methodological convictions.” We acknowledge that James feels called of God into these spheres, and we wish him well in his far-reaching endeavors, and many years of ministry both faithful and fruitful. (Online source)
The post by James MacDonald to which they refer is Why I Resigned From The Gospel Coalition. He begins by telling us, “D.A. Carson came to our church offices” and there he “shared his vision for The Gospel Coalition.”

MacDonald then continues with some telling information concerning his obvious drift:
Though never entirely comfortable with the title ‘reformed,’ and unable to score higher than 3.8 on the “C” test, I believe in these important biblical distinctions as protections against a man-centered gospel.
I also believe strongly that local pastors benefit from an association that holds a high standard for churches in preserving—even contending for—sound theology.
(Online source, emphasis mine)
Well, he certainly seems to have gotten over being concerned about that as MacDonald’s “Furtigetical Ring Kissing” at Code Orange De-vival and budding bromance would indicate. Finally, MacDonald muses:
I have very different views on how to relate to the broader church and how the gospel must impact every relationship. I don’t want my minor role on the Council to hinder their work as a whole or to give the impression they agree with all God has called me to do. (Online source)
O, I don’t doubt they do have very different views; but one thing is clear: God didn’t call James MacDonald to mainstream heretics like Word Faith mogul T.D. Jakes or the man-centered non-gospel Furtickism of Prophet-F├╝hrer Steven Furtick.

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  1. Finally, James is breaking away with some tangible and making a visible retreat and repudiation of reformed theology and reformed coalitions. Took him 23 years to come out and declare, but at least we now know where he doesn't stand. And tragically, where he does.

  2. In light of James' actions these last few months, (who he a$$ociate$ with, deci$ions he'$ made, vi$ion$ & campaign$ he'$ taken his church through), the old saying: "The gra$$ is greener on the other $ide" comes to mind. It takes a lot to build and run an empire.

  3. What does he mean by the "C" test?

  4. I believe the "C" test is a reference to Calvinism.

  5. I'm confused a bit. What about TD Jakes? Is he still on board with the ER2 or is he automatically not because of James quitting?

    Maybe James quit at the expense of Jakes staying?? I know it's a bit speculative so I'd better back off what is unbeknownst to me

  6. JM,

    T.D. Jakes will still be at ER2 tomorrow.

  7. Bit of tangible about intangible...

    The slope of a velocity-time graph reveals information about an object's acceleration. But how can one tell whether the object is moving in the positive direction (i.e., positive velocity) or in the negative direction (i.e., negative velocity)? And how can one tell if the object is speeding up or slowing down?

    The answers to these questions hinge on one's ability to read...

  8. Broader Church????

    What's that?

    There is ONE Church, One body.....

    We all know that, or should.

    So, what's the meaning behind "Broader Church."

    Annonymously yours,


  9. seems like he bailed when it got to hot. kind of looks like a failed attempt of a corporate merger

  10. When I saw this, my first thought was, "uh-oh". He knows he can't stay with TGC if he is going to extend the right hand of fellowship to T. D. Jakes. So I guess he will. Arggh. Was hoping he would back down on Jakes before ER.

  11. Denise,

    Yeah, "broader church" stuck out at me too. Kind of makes me think of a narrow way and a wide way...

  12. Have you folks seen Dan Phillips' analysis of this? I thought it was spot-on.


    But if you're a woman, don't make a post like that. They'll accuse you of making unwarranted assumptions or 'connecting the dots' too much, or some such. ;-)

    Seriously, it is a good post.

    I listened to Elevation Church's special guest speaker for Sunday Morning, James Macdonald (he also spoke the night before at Code Orange, which I haven't listened to just yet. I will though.

    The Sunday morning thing was all about tithing...er... "generosity."

    Extremely legalistic and manipulative. I was honestly astonished that James Macdonald ever could have possibly held a position on TGC. He must have been doing some kind of Jekyll and Hyde stuff for quite a while now. I mean, I know he's been dallying with heretics for a couple years, but... just how far back do the cracks in his foundation go?

  13. this place is a trip. how sad to see so many people manipulated. big talk about giving and of course about being "fired up" you can tell mr macdonald had led a sheltered life. he talks big about being a family and about race isues but why does he live in a mansion in an a village where most of his "church family" could never even dream of living and raising our families? i seems so phony when he would talk about finances and racial issues. i would think that he would want to be around his "church family." it also seems so phony that now he comes out after a service sometimes before he never did that. is it a pr move?
    i really thought this guy was the real thing at one time.

  14. "Yeah, "broader church" stuck out at me too. Kind of makes me think of a narrow way and a wide way... "

    And we are seeing the wide way, which is really sad, happen right before our faces.

    And in your case, to your face. I know this isn't the post I should say this but your 'reply' button seems to be off today (1-25-12) so I can't say it there.

    What happened to you today is a disgrace to you and your friend (we know who). They're hiding something for sure. And the way they handled this is very UN-Christian.

    You're in my prayers. Remember to rejoice, for this is persecution against you. If not that, for sure it's wrong doing on their part.

    You're in my prayers and will remain there. Oh, is it possible for you to turn back on the reply button? I'd really like to reply as your posts come up. Thanks again.

    Keep looking up EBenz, you know God is watching.

    In Christ, Jesus.

    your sister in Him.

  15. Hi Denise,

    Thank you greatly for your prayers - they are appreciated.

    I did open up comments on the post you were referring to, however I'm keeping comments off (for now, anyway) on my two most recent posts. Unfortunately, for the next few days, I simply don't have the time to properly moderate the comments as I would like.

    Thank you so much for the blessing of your encouragement!

  16. James Tweeted:

    @jamesmacdonaldJames MacDonald

    @BishopJakes blew us all away w his biblical solidity - his ministry saavy - and his humble service to Christ n all in #elephantroom - #bam

  17. James MacDonald is showing his true colors if you ask me. I'm compassionate about people being deceived and all. But where does the truth kick in with verses like 1 John 2:19?

    I'm disappointed about James and his attitude being quite cavalier about it all especially to the word of God when it comes to WOF and modalism. He really has a penchant towards wolves in sheep's clothing more than the true body of Christ.

    I guess you can say I don't understand how anyone who is saved could compromise their faith in the supreme treasure we have in Jesus Christ, in the Only Righteousness that is by faith...

    Let the tares grow up with the wheat


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