14 January 2012

Is Steven Furtick Suppressing the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Last night, Matt Chandler preached the Gospel at Code Orange Revival. He even tossed in a few well-approached, much-needed rebukes toward Elevation Church and "pastor" Steven Furtick. Admittedly, there were a few times in his message when I cringed, knowing that what he was saying would be misconstrued by about 99.9% of his audience. Nevertheless, there is no denying that Matt Chandler preached both Law and Gospel before an audience that likely had never heard such a thing before. Jesus Christ and the Cross were preached and, though I've expressed concern over Matt Chandler in the recent past (and still hold those concerns), I still was pleased to hear him boldly preach truth in a venue where the truth obviously is not welcome. That's right, it seems that the truth is not welcome at Code Orange Revival.

Following each evening's message, there is a rebroadcast of the entire night's "revival" footage at 10:12 pm, 3:12 am, and 12:12 pm the next day. Well, apparently Matt Chandler hit a rather tender nerve in Steven Furtick's ego. Trusted sources tell me that the revival footage from Friday, January 13 was aired at 10:12 pm last night and 3:12 am this morning without Matt Chandler's message. They actually cut out and removed his sermon from the rebroadcast! The internet, and Twitter especially, was abuzz this morning with people questioning and confronting Steven Furtick about this "mishap." Here is Steven Furtick's response:
(Online Source)
A programming change? When the times for rebroadcast had been predetermined and announced for days? And how is it that all of the revival footage aired except Matt Chandler's message? How is that a mere "programming change?" Ken Silva makes an interesting point here in his post, "Steven Furtick, Matt Chandler, & a 'Programming Change,'" when he notes:
Did you see that he calls the omission of Matt Chandler’s sermon a “programming change;" he didn’t say programming “error. This can only mean that it was a conscious decision on someone’s part in choosing to not rebroadcast Chandler’s message. (Online Source)

Then we saw this:
(Online Source)
Funny that they weren't "experimenting" the past two nights when Craig Groeschel and Jentezen Franklin preached (about themselves).

Rest assured that we will be watching to see if Chandler's message is indeed rebroadcast in its entirety later today. **UPDATE** Indeed, Matt Chandler's message did run at 10:12 am and 12:12 pm today, as Steven Furtick promised it would. For this we are thankful.

The fact remains, the biblical Gospel was removed from last night's programming. Now, to the defenders of Steven Furtick and Elevation Church, please tell me...why? Why would your pastor suppress the biblical truth that was preached? As a Christian pastor, why would Steven Furtick withhold the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Why am I reminded of Romans 1:16-18 here?

If you were unable to hear Matt Chandler's message last night, the audio was captured and can be heard here and the video is below. In spite of some of my misgivings about Chandler, I nevertheless wish that he had been scheduled to close out this 12 night "revival." Perhaps his words could have performed a bit of damage control. As it is, the truth he preached will quickly be swallowed up and forgotten as each new false teacher takes the stage. Again I ask, are you praying for those at the Code Orange Revival?

Steven Furtick's 12 Days of Revival
"Code Orange" Speaker Craig Groeschel
"Code Orange" Speaker Christine Caine
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"Code Orange" Speaker Matt Chandler
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  1. I watched the live stream of the sermon last night and was so excited about it. It grieves to read this morning that they "edited it out" of the rebroadcasts. Still praying...

  2. I too had some concerns with Chandler, but it was exciting to hear that he preached law and gospel at the Code Orange Revival and had the audacity to criticize Furtick and his church. It needed to be done and I am glad that he had the courage to speak up!

  3. Great sermon by Pastor Chandler. I had never heard him preach but had read about him. This sermon was not what I expected based on what I had read. This guy was spot on and I intend to listen again and take notes. Thanks for posting the link.

  4. How wonderful it would be if we saw Matt Chandler separate from those he stands on platform with. How incredible it would be if he would pull his church from affiliation with Acts 29 Network (Driscoll).

    It is great to hear Chandler preached the gospel. This is to be applauded as this is our call to those in Christ.

    Chandler remains confusing as a 'preacher'. He has claimed to audibly hear from God. (in his car) He STILL promotes spiritual disciplines (contemplative spirituality)

    Chandler is confusing to many. This should no be as God is not a God of confusion.

    I pray Chandler comes out from those who pervert the gospel. Oh how I pray this would change as his appeal among 20-30 yr olds is great.

    Please look to God's Word alone despite delight in a man who Can preach truth. The truth in God's Word does not mix with man's additions (such as contemplative)

  5. DMG,
    Those are precisely the misgivings about Chandler that I was referencing in my post. I am thankful that God was glorified in Chandler's message. And I agree, how wonderful it would be to see Chandler come out of Acts 29 and turn away from contemplative teaching and claims. He knows the truth and he can preach the truth quite well. Because of this, and because of his great influence, especially on a key demographic, we ought to be praying greatly for Matt Chandler.

    In the meantime, I am thankful that the crowd at Code Orange had opportunity to hear the Gospel.

  6. So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth; It will not return to Me empty, Without accomplishing what I desire, And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it." Isaiah 55:11

  7. No matter what they will come up with as an "explanation" for their censorship of Chandler's sermon it is obvious that they listen to men first i.e. Furtick than God. I listened to most of Chandler's sermon. It is not even that hard on Furtick and his nonsense yet it was enough for his ego and pride obviously. If anyone had any questions about what code orange is truly about for Furtick they should know by now.

  8. Oh, if the Gospel has fallen on one heart of good soil,, it's worth it. I pray at least 1 person will be saved.

  9. Thank you for standing against the false deception that is the Code Orange Revival.

  10. Amen that Matt preached the Gospel! I understand there are some concerns with Matt, but I do know this: He knows the Gospel and when he preaches it he PREACHES it. It was refreshing to hear the Gospel after the trash from the last few nights. I pray and hope that people were convicted of their sin after hearing God's Word being preached rightly. I know I was convicted and jumped for joy at hearing Matt's sermon.

    It is interesting to hear in this sermon that there is rarely any hype. It is God's law hitting the people broadside over the head but His Grace to heal the wounds and sweeten the deal. Yes there were cheers here and there, but Matt didn't let the crowd get excited, unlike Craig Groschell's teaching where he lifted himself and Steven Furtick up as the crowd cheered them on. Matt knew he had a limited amount of time to say what he needed to say and I pray it was not in vain even though Satan obviously moved behind the scenes at Elevation Church. I also pray that this was a wake up call for Steven. God will judge Him if he does not repent of his wicked narcissistic teachings.

    But in light of this we must continue to pray for Matt as well. It is confusing to the body to hear him present the Gospel so well yet see him associated with the things he is associated with.

  11. A friend of mine invited me to go last night, so I went just to see it for myself. It was my first time going..and last. There were so many things to be dismayed about in that church. First, it's like a rock concert, not a worship service. Secondly, it was so me-centered and us-centered and how great their church was it was very off putting and completely negated whatever they said about giving God glory.

    What I found very interesting was that Matt Chandler was never mentioned. They praised Craig Groeschel and Jenzenteen Franklin to the hilt...but not a whisper about Chandler's message. That spoke volumes to me.

    Still praying...

  12. The more I am watching Code Orange Restuffing the more it looks like brain washing and indoctrination. All elements are there: soapy music, females or feminized men singing about their emotions, lights, hyped up crowd and false preachers courting the crowd and mumbling about their "experience". Scary if you if you really think about it and Furtic the grand master of this theater getting high on how "big" this all is...

  13. so many haters. ken silva, you need to get saved. i suggest you actually try out elevation church you moron.

  14. Anonymous,

    Thank you for so aptly illustrating some of the fruit of Steven Furtick's ministry.

  15. Nothing like an emotional bludgeon of "haters" or "haterade" so loved by folks at Elevation or Furtick's fans in general all combined with a sign of their love, maturity and discernment aptly expressed by verbal abuse like "moron" by Anonymous Elevation Folk here. Does it get more dichotomous? I do not think so...

  16. Elevation Church has been a blessing to my life ever since I have been in attendance. I do not understand the put downs and false allegations against a Church with nothing but, good intentions. Intentions of leading people to life in Christ. We should be focused on bring people to God instead of condeming it. I suggest you try it before you judge. God bless.

  17. On the contrary, we are to "judge not according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment", as Jesus says.

    A friend of mine used to quote Mr. Furtick often, after reading Sun Stand Still. I decided to look him up and listen to a couple of his sermons online, being unable to physically attend Elevation.

    In the sermon I listened to, Mr. Furtick said, preaching from Exodus 3:12. He claimed, "I am that I am, or I will be what I will be. That means, God will be whatever you need Him to be."

    I knew then that this man did not know God.

  18. I just watched his entire message and was so touched and was ministered to heavily by his message (he was very funny also). I feel like my eyes were opened because many things he said about making everything about you when it's about God, I do so much and he presented the complete need for Christ SO CLEARLY. You could really tell The Holy Spirit was ministering through him to so many people there and of course even steven furtick (who was SO obviously not feeling it but we must pray that The Holy Spirit will not make him forget what he heard and will convict him) and that's because his message pointed to CHRIST.

    God loves us all so much and He knows our time is short. I pray that The Holy Spirit ministered to many people in that audience to truly know why they need Christ and that their hearts will start to YEARN for the real word of God. I even want to send this sermon to people since it's back up now but cannot link them to elevation page because of the rest of the messages.

    There's a BIG BIG difference between this message and the others I've heard from this "revival". Chandler's message was the only one that came close to what you should hear at a real revival. Anyway, what the devil meant for a mockery of the church, God turned for good. He always wins!


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