30 January 2012

ER2 Claims First Acts 29 Casualty

The following was written by Daniel Neades of Better Than Sacrifice and is published here with permission:
Chad Vegas, lead pastor of Sovereign Grace Church of Bakersfield, has spoken out about why he left Acts 29, a church-planting network founded by Mark Driscoll:
I knew Mark was the primary voice for Acts 29 and that I was not comfortable with how some of his comments represented the network. I also knew Mark and many of the other brothers are faithful ministers of the gospel, disagreements aside.
I want to be very clear. I don’t think Mark Driscoll is a heretic. I don’t think Mark has bad intentions. I think Mark is a faithful, orthodox pastor who is well-intentioned. I know many pastors in Acts 29 who are taking a different approach to this issue than I am. I believe they are faithful, well-intentioned brothers. I didn’t leave Acts 29 because I question the integrity of any of these men.
I do think Mark Driscoll is wrong on this issue. I think his failure to defend the gospel and the nature of God in the Elephant Room, as awkward and unfortunate a setting as it was, was a major failure in his duty as a spokesman for Jesus, the church, and Acts 29. I can not follow a leader who will not act on Titus 1:9 when so many young pastors are looking on. It is for this reason I left Acts 29. I pray Mark will see the grievous error that took place that day. I will still love him, pray for him, and admire him in many ways if he doesn’t.
Vegas’ move echoes that of Dan McGhee, pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel Detroit West, who earlier in January led his church to dissociate from James MacDonald’s Harvest Bible Fellowship over concerns that MacDonald ‘seems insistent in pushing boundaries in the area of associations with men whose ministry philosophy, practice, and even theology we can’t endorse’.
Read Vegas’ full post, here:


Note: The original blog post by Pastor Chad Vegas has since been pulled and is no longer available at the link provided above.


  1. it's gone! They didn't get scared back into the manure pit did they?

  2. I gently beg to differ, if only in sad jest. The first casualty was truth, honor and faithfulness.

    Elephants are getting a bum rap, they deserve better.

    So what have we learned from er2? We have learned that it's ok to call each other nazis, to canonize "hey hater", coin new words like "pachydermism" or "narcegesis", and ask anyone who questions heresies to repent, but only if they are middle aged white men.

    So I would ask anyone, in light of the lineup for so-called orange, and the er2, are not "conferences almost poisonous until proven safe? And I would ask James MacDonald "sir, how well has this edified the church?".

  3. Praise God for men like Pastor Chad Vegas and Pastor Dan McGhee who have taken a stand for Biblical truth, and did it in a way that glorifies God. God bless them and their ministries as they continue to contend for the faith without compromise.

    Let's keep praying that God will use all these men who have boldly spoken the truth in love, to awaken Pastor James to the truth that God is clearly showing him through these men, and that he will repent and return to preaching God's Word without compromise, as he once did.

    Thank you, EBenz, for sharing this encouraging information with us. God bless you.

  4. ER2 claimed its 1st Harvest Bible Fellowship casualty a couple weeks before ER2 -- namely Harvest Bible Chapel Detroit West disassociated with it. See http://theconvergenceblog.blogspot.com/2012/01/concerning-our-disassociation-with.html

    Dont think I've seen much or any coverage of this -- certainly didn't hear about it at Macdonald's Harvest Bible Chapel services this weekend -- only seem to hear the "positive" stuff there -- sheep are kept in the dark a lot.

    During this weekend worship services, they said the Men's conference was great -- no mention of Voddie not being there.

    By the way you may want to listen to MacDonald's sermon -- he spoke about the "dogs" in Phillipians 3:2 -- note how he limited "discernment" -- u are only suppose to be concerned about "dogs" if the "dog" is your own pastor or someone close to you -- other than than, its none of your business.

    Not quite what the Bible says but hey what else is new at Harvest?

  5. Yes, it seems that Mr. Vegas took quite a beating for this article so what you have here is all that is left. He took down this post from his blog but I sure would have liked to read the rest. Anyway, thanks for posting this here. It's nice to know that there are still faithful pastors in evangelicalism.

  6. rom623,

    Yes, I heard about the HBF "casualty" as well. You'll notice that the article above references it at the end. I believe it's been covered other places also, although it has not received as much press as some would expect.

  7. The original post by Pastor Vegas can be read here: http://apprising.org/2012/01/30/fallout-of-the-elephant-room-2-hits-acts-29-church/


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