07 January 2012

An Elephant Room Full of "Christian Voices?"

Well, that's what the powers behind The Elephant Room are claiming:
(Online Source)
Funny, but I can think of at least one scheduled speaker that seemingly holds to two heresies. To my knowledge, he has not repented or renounced either one. Call me crazy, but wouldn't this disqualify him from being considered a Christian voice?


  1. The only thing that surprises me about James is that he sought to portray himself as conservative for as long as he did.

  2. Possibly, maybe his theology is shifting given his loose interpretation of scripture. Possibly "neo-calvinist" = armenian??

    Ref Jan 3 twitter post from James.

    "Only a Judas would suggest that $ spent to enhance the adoration of Jesus - be diverted to the poor - John 12:5-8 "

    I don't see how one could interpret that from this verse


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