27 January 2012

The Elephant Room's Most Awkward Moments


HT: Apprising Ministries and a bunch of people on Twitter.


  1. At first I was curious. Then I became confused. Then I went into disbelief. Now I am just plain mad.

  2. Wow...this video makes it so clear just how far Pastor James has drifted away from believing and preaching the truth of God's Word. I remember enjoying so many years of hearing his sermons when he would not compromise in any way when it came to presenting God's Word to us. To see he's now associating and bonding with the very ones he once basically preached against, and how he's allowed himself to become spiritually blinded to the truth in God's Word concerning the errors of their ways, (Steven Furtick, T D Jakes, Mark Driscoll, etc.), and how he doesn't see the need to lovingly but firmly bring correction to them, leaves me with no other choice...I will continue to pray for him, but I will no longer be attending Harvest. At least I know I am 'no longer alone.'

    EBenz, you have risked a lot to share all of the info you have presented to us, and you have spent countless hours researching all of this, so I, among many, just want to say, "Thank you, and may God bless you and your ministry as you continue to earnestly contend for the faith..."

  3. It does show the paradox when you juxtapose the 2.

    So sad that people would compromise their Lord Jesus by being a Judas...

    I just hope that James is just going down the wrong path as all Christians can do from time to time and God will discipline and bring him back. If not then I have to conclude 1 John 2:19. Only time will tell

  4. Satan crept into the church like snake unseen. Now he stands in the doorway and he's not even noticed...

  5. On your latest video with Mark Driscoll, why couldn't Mark say that to TD Jakes in the ER2?

    The integrity of the upright guides them, but the unfaithful are destroyed by their duplicity. -Pr.11:3

  6. "Patstors in these massive, massive homes..." ~ James MacDonald in video 1

    What a hypocrite... Mr.MacDonald have you not in fact bought yourself a MASSIVE, MASSIVE home in Inverness, Il at the end of 2005? And for MASSIVE $1.9 million dollars too? What a dangerous hypocrisy from a man who will not stop at anything in order to accomplish his agenda, goals and money.


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