23 January 2012

Code Orange Revival Recap

Begrudgingly, I found myself watching all 12 nights of Steven Furtick's manufactured move of the Holy Spirit, otherwise known as the Code Orange Revival. It seemed appropriate, then, that on this, the first revival-less evening, to offer a brief recap of events. I know that many of my readers were unable to witness the Code Orange shenanigans for themselves, so I offer this summary to you as a bit of a public service:
  • Day 4: Christine Caine - Preached about herself. Equated Elevation Church with the temple of Solomon's day.
  • Day 5: Ed Young, Jr. - Preached gibberish and nonsense. "The ring is the thing and the hope is the rope." People were furiously taking notes on this, so there must have been a hidden profundity that eluded me. 
  • Day 6: Israel Houghton - Sang a bunch of praise choruses that are still twirling around in my head as a means of constant annoyance.
  • Day 7: Perry Noble - Preached about Steven Furtick and Elevation Church. 
  • Day 8: Stovall Weems - Preached about himself. Allegorized and eisegeted the story of Noah.
  • Day 10: T.D. Jakes - Took two texts (Luke 8:40ff and Hebrews 4:15-16) that have nothing to do with one another, and proceeded to force them to cohabit based upon a common word found in the KJV, "touched." 
  • Day 11: James MacDonald - Preached his "stock" sermon about repentance, perhaps in order to stay in good standing with the more conservative crowd. 
  • Day 12: Steven Furtick - Preached exactly what Matt Chandler said not to preach by engaging in "narcigesis" with the story of David.
Notice a pattern? If nothing else, the majority of the speakers of Code Orange Revival were consistent in preaching about themselves and in twisting whatever Biblical text they did use.
Apologist Chris Rosebrough, of Fighting for the Faith, deemed Code Orange Revival the "Heresy Olympics," and I think it is indeed a suitable title. Below, you can listen to the awards ceremony for this monumental event:

Medal Ceremony for Heresy Olympics at Code Orange De-Vival of Steven Furtick
Word Faith Pastrix Christine Caine Preaches Sunday Morning Sermon for Steven Furtick
A Biblical Critique of T.D. Jakes' Code Orange Revival Sermon


  1. Ok... I get it... the whole revival nonsense was really a combination of 10 out of 12 extolling narcissism and nonsense, and 2 speakers who obviously felt compelled to endorse Code Orange and empower Steven Furtick by lending their publically crafted seeming conservatism to the unholy mix.

    Wow... I'm revived...what a tidal shift. Phew.

    Why dont James and Matt finally come fully out of the closet and end the conservative charade and prove what so many already know about them,...namely, that they lack anything close to Biblical discernment, and have no problem with heresy or heretics?

  2. MacDonald today announced his resignation from The Gospel Coalition. I don't fully understand the purpose or mission of that group (are they all reformed?) but this does seem to be a move away from a more conservative gospel centric focus. The timing of this move on the heels of Code Orange and just prior to ER2 is also very interesting.

  3. @Anonymous,

    If Matt had NOT gone to that 'revival' the Gospel would NOT have been preached at all. I've been listening to Matt Chandler for a few years now and he has yet to ever say anything heretical. Sure, he believes the gifts are still active today and that might make conservative folk uneasy but that's not because he is being unbiblical.

    He did what Titus 1:9 prescribed. He preached sound doctrine and rebuked those who contradict it. He clearly DOES have a problem with heresy and false doctrine otherwise he wouldn't have said what he said at that 'revival'.

    I'm grateful that he had the courage to stand up and say what he did. I thank God for men like him who preach the Gospel all the time.

  4. Matt is on record saying the only reason he accepts these gigs is because some one has to preach the gospel to them. Unlike MacDonald, you do not see Chandler promoting these events or telling his people to follow them.

    By that logic, this site is in error because it was using the #CodeOrangeRevival to also promote it. Or Paul was pro Aeropagus because he preached the Gospel there.

  5. Okay Ebenz,

    Your site is title "Don't be surprised" and here I am 'surprised'.....How in the world could you take it for not one but 12 days???

    This much I know for sure, you are a true correspondent of truth and really want to fill us in. Thank you so much for all you do.

    May God Bless your ministry.

    Thank you, alot.


  6. Denise,
    Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. All praise and thanks to God!

  7. Well done, honestly had to laugh. It is so very sad that Fur-Tick and the other ring kissing parasites are sucking the youth into this "stuff" scratching those itching ears with their weird ideas (fables). 2 Ti 4:3-4 --- we are there!

  8. btw, I would add that quite a few of the preachers also emphasized man's free will and how God doesn't make your decisions for you. (I guess he just sits on his hands and has no idea what you're going to do?) I didn't get to watch all of them (boohoo - maybe I will eventually, but I have to stock up on barf bags first) but one of the worst ones I did see was that Kevin Gerald. Horrid!

    Steven had just finished talking about how our salvation is not up to us. God saved us, we had nothing to do with it, and so we cannot do anything to lose our salvation. Then he hands the stage over to what sounded pretty much like a Pelagian in Kevin Gerald. Bizarre. There was such a mishmash of erroneous and heretical theologies going on up there, how could anyone miss it?