17 January 2012

Code Orange Revival: The Case of the Missing Matt Chandler Sermon Continues

The following was written by pastor-teacher Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries and originally appears here.


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As I pointed out in the Apprising Ministries article Study In 1 John 4:1—Test The Spirits there is a critical lack of proper Biblical understanding of the Gospel and the actual mission of the Church.
This is exactly what’s producing the man-centered pragmatism of the whole Seeker Driven Church Growth Movement, aka attractional, as typified e.g. by Prophet-Führer Steven Furtick and his Code Orange De-vival.
I’m also not endorsing the ministry of Matt Chandler, who’s in the Young, Restless, and charismatic Reformed camp, as I have much concern with its postmodern form of so-called New Calvinism.
Take for example Still Curious, But Better, Decisions And Matt Chandler. That said, I now point you back to where this story begins in Steven Furtick, Matt Chandler & A “Programming Change.”
You may remember Furtick made a real tactical blunder by not running Chandler’s sermon on the rebroadcast of the OC De-vival. Apprising Ministries special correspondent Erin Benziger told us in her post Is Steven Furtick Suppressing the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ? that:
Last night, Matt Chandler preached the Gospel at Code Orange Revival. He even tossed in a few well-approached, much-needed rebukes toward Elevation Church and “pastor” Steven Furtick…
Nevertheless, there is no denying that Matt Chandler preached both Law and Gospel before an audience that likely had never heard such a thing before…in a venue where the truth obviously is not welcome. (Online source)
Benziger statement truth “is not welcome” at Code Orange proved to be dead-on-target as:
Following each evening’s message, there is a rebroadcast of the entire night’s “revival” footage at 10:12 pm, 3:12 am, and 12:12 pm the next day. Well, apparently Matt Chandler hit a rather tender nerve in Steven Furtick’s ego.
Trusted sources tell me that the revival footage from Friday, January 13 was aired at 10:12 pm last night and 3:12 am this morning without Matt Chandler’s messageThey actually cut out and removed his sermon from the rebroadcast! (Online source, emphasis hers)
Steven Furtick would later tweet an explanation, but that really only served to make it more obvious what actually happened:
As I said before, Steven Furtick calls the omission of Matt Chandler’s sermon a “programming change”; he didn’t say programming “error.” This can only mean that it was a conscious decision on someone’s part in choosing to not rebroadcast Chandler’s message. I think we’re safe to assume, since Steven Furtick is in charge of virtually everything at his church—at the very least—he would have had to ok this.
You may recall I’d also offered that I’d even find it very likely that it would have been Furtick’s own decision to have Chandler’s sermon excluded from the rebroadcast; but it turns out I’m wrong. It wasn’t Steven Furtick; no, apparently it was God the Holy Spirit Himself. Before I show you the proof, let me point out that Chandler’s sermon did air the next time Code Orange ran.
Then when it got on YouTube I put it in Matt Chandler At Code Orange Revival: God Is For God. Well, God/Steven really doesn’t want that sermon seen because here’s screen capture of Chandler’s sermon now:
As far as how the original programming change came about we turn to the Facebook wall of Geoff Schultz, “Motion Graphic Designer at Elevation Church.” Note carefully his answer early Saturday morning, January 14, when asked why Chandler’s sermon wasn’t rebroadcast:

So, now we know that “the team” made the decision to pull the sermon in order to “focus the rebroadcast on Jesus” because they were trying to “stay in the flow of what Spirit” was “leading” them “to do.” The Elevation Church Code Orange De-vival team believed God the Holy Spirit wanted Matt Chandler’s sermon pulled to…um, focus more on Jesus.
Well, leaving my differences with Matt Chandler aside, I can tell you from viewing his God Is For God sermon there’s no way the LORD God Almighty would have led that team to pull it. Looks to me as if Steven Furtick’s team is following another spirit (cf. 2 Corinthians 11:4). I’ll tell you what; make up your mind for yourself.
Below Chris Rosebrough of Pirate Christian Radio discusses the issue further and then plays Matt Chandler’s sermon in its entirety:
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  1. Code Orange Revival should be re-branded as Agent Orange Fall Out. This is nothing but lunching out another version of Joel Osteen with an edge for those who like it spicy and not sweets only and younger too. All of that based on age old sales strategy used ad nauseam in corporate world and known as "Feel, Felt, Found" this time applied to spiritual needs of people and ruthlessly feeding of their hurts and confusion and selling them an emotionalized caricature of what the Gospel is not as visible in Agent Orange Fall Out purveying machine. Chandler's sermon was just checked as too competitive with sensational and emotional drug of Agent Orange Fall Out prescribed by "Dr.Furtick".

  2. Wow - very interesting. Just as an aside it's now posted on Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jyhp6sQSwaA

  3. I listened to Chandler's on Fighting For the Faith and it was "God - glorifying" and Christ-centered. The other sermons on the other hand were all about the preacher and not Christ. I guess the "spirit" that Schultz spoke about is not about glorifying Christ. Mmmmm...

  4. Truly disappointing...but not surprising. I think that's why it's so disappointing....

  5. It is frustrating to see the obvious of an example it is that this church has chosen to get rid of the Gospel yet there are people who are blind to it! Grievously I know that it will get worse and there will still be people who are choosing to deny the truth or are still oblivious to what is going on in the church.

  6. Having seen the inimitable Mr. Furtick allege that the Code Orange Revival was likely going to be yet another resurrection of Ezekiels vision of bringing life to a valley of dead ,dry bones, ..I can only assume that Mr, Chandler's non narcisstic message has left Mr. Furtick skull-bored and parched, and not hardly ressurected.

  7. I thought it was interesting that Israel Houghton was practically taunting Matt Chandler by opening up his worship time by saying "no church has more swagger than Elevation". Look it up, that's exactly what he said.

  8. And is "swagger" really something we are seeking after in the church???

    Israel Houghton is a talented musician; but wow, that truly disappoints me.

    And as the days tick away for this revival, the more grieved my heart becomes.

  9. @Anonymous,

    "Swagger" seems to me comes before a serious limp... Perhaps that is how it needs to be for let us all be aware of Pastors with no limp.

  10. Michelle,

    "Israel Houghton is a talented musician; but wow, that truly disappoints me."

    Did you know he's the "worship" leader for Joel Osteen? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6RGew_fnqQ

    That is reason to be diappointed already.

  11. There are several reasons to be concerned about Houghton: http://revelation22-20.blogspot.com/2011/10/code-orange-speaker-israel-houghton.html

  12. Ken - Yeah, I know where he leads worship, and that grieves me greatly. But it still disappoints because he has great potential to lead people in real worship of the real God. That's what disappoints.

  13. I don't know if any of you are watching Stovall Weems right now, but it's more of the same...

    Ebenz - I used to love Israel's music...in my WoF days. As that dross gets purged from me, I find myself lamenting the fact that he indeed is so talented, but is following after such an empty "faith". This is the source of my disappointment.

  14. Chandler ,despite one good gospel message- STILL promotes Contemplative spirituality.. this is wrong. MacArthur calls it "BUNK". Chandler has not pulled away from Mark Driscoll's Acts 29 Network. Chandler is also part of another heretical conference in Sept .


    Chandler is STILL part of Driscoll's Acts 29 Network. Chandler still believes God audibly spoke to him.

    Biblically sound? ughhhh..

  15. "Hey Haters!" by Furtick... http://youtu.be/L8SLFcOIX_Q

  16. LOL, Despeville. Yes, I've seen that. In fact, check out today's "This 'n' That" post...


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