22 January 2012

A Biblical Critique of T.D. Jakes' Code Orange Revival Sermon

The following was written by Daniel Neades of Better Than Sacrifice. I urge the reader to visit the original post and to read it in full. Neades has provided a much-needed, biblical perspective of the message that was delivered by T.D. Jakes this past Friday evening at the Code Orange Revival.


This article is a review of T.D. Jakes’ Code Orange Revival sermon, preached on 20 January 2012 at Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina.
T.D. Jakes is the leader of The Potter’s House, a 30,000 member congregation located in southern Dallas, Texas. I had never heard a T.D. Jakes sermon before, though I knew of his reputation. I was curious to see – if only via an Internet video stream – the man that Elevation Church reminded us was named ‘America’s Best Preacher’ by Time Magazine. Would I be able to uncover the secret of his mystique? And would he preach the Biblical Gospel?
After 40 minutes or so of emotionally intense praise and worship, Steven Furtick, founder and lead pastor of Elevation Church, introduces Jakes to the manifestly ecstatic, cheering crowd. Furtick promises that God is about to speak to us, that our lives will never be the same:
God’s gonna honour your faith. He’s going to shake you, and He’s gonna remake you. And He’s gonna do things in your life that will blow your mind. And we’re believing that for you tonight.
We’re in revival. If you’re joining us from all over the world, you need to know that this is night 10 of Code Orange Revival. We’re coming to you live from Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, reaching over a 100 countries all over the world. And God has made an appointment with you tonight. He’s about to speak something to you. Your life will never be the same. In His presence is fullness of joy.
These things are not being done in a corner.
Furtick is on a roll:
If you’ve never heard T.D. Jakes preach, listen, you have heard Bishop T.D. Jakes preach. Let me explain that. Every preacher who has anything to say rips off Bishop T.D. Jakes. Bishop T.D. Jakes is the preacher, if you attend this church, who feeds your soul every single week. And you didn’t even ever know to write him a thank you note. Most of us quit apologising for how much we ripped-off Bishop T.D. Jakes a long time ago, because we were taking more time in our sermons attributing the credit to him for the way he fed our souls than we were actually preaching. So when Bishop Jakes said that he would be with us at Code Orange Revival, I just made up my mind that we would sing just enough to get you ready, and not show any videos or anything like that, and that I would sit down on my orange chair on the stage, and I would have the best night of my life listening to my favourite preacher in the world.
That’s some build-up. But Furtick has not yet finished:
When someone has touched your soul and been an instrument of God that speaks so deeply to you, and then, he agrees to come and share with your church, and help build your church, that’s gotta be one of the most meaningful moments of your life.
I want you to know, Bishop Jakes, that there’s a whole generation of younger pastors who, because you’ve been a pioneer to stay faithful to God’s word, and to preach with such power, that we’re now charging forward in the name of Jesus. And I want to let you know personally, that I’m gonna do my best to make you proud.
Furtick concludes his panegyric:
I appreciate the fact that you would come and be with us tonight. But, more importantly, I appreciate the fact that you’ve got a bunch of hungry people in here, who are about to lose their minds. Elevation Church, at every location, I want you to stand up on your feet right now, and let’s welcome to the stage the Greatest Preacher of Our Time – Bishop T.D. Jakes. Come on, let’s show him some embarrassing love.
Jakes takes the stage. He acknowledges the crowd’s standing ovation.
His charisma is immediately apparent.
He courts the crowd with some gentle banter. He is approachable. He is humorous. He is the embodiment of the idealized kindly grandfather.
He is your grandfather.
The audience cheer and offer their applause. This is the one whom those camping outside on the streets came to see.
Jakes praises Steven Furtick and Elevation Church. The Elevators love him. And Jakes makes sure that they know their love is reciprocated.
Jakes impresses with his modesty. With a suddenly faltering vulnerability, he declares:
I’m gonna spend most of my time just going right, er, er, to, to the word of God. I’m, er, um, honoured and appreciative of all of His goodness in my life. And, er, [I’m] trying to seek Him, trying to serve Him, trying to learn more of His grace and power. I, I think that I am more fascinated with Him now than I have ever been in my life.
Jakes carefully modulates his speech.
He starts softly, then builds to a minor crescendo, as he demonstrates that he is steeped in the knowledge and language of the Scriptures, the result of 33 years of ministry. With a rhythmic cadence, Jakes proclaims the praises of a majestic God:
It will never grow old. It will never grow weary. You will never reach the end of Him. From everlasting to everlasting, Thou art God. His, His riches are unsearchable. His love incomprehensible. His ways past finding out. You will grow old and wither away, and still be searching the newness of God. His mercies are new every morning. Aren’t you glad you’re washed in the blood of the Lamb?
The cheering audience is enraptured. Surely, this is how a man of God must speak.
Please continue reading here.


  1. Is this thing over yet? Will all the messages be available on line somewhere?

  2. It's been a long 12 nights while we endured Code Orange Revival! Tonight is the last night, Anonymous. Elevation Church has said that the messages will be available for podcast download.

  3. Thanks for posting this. I read the whole article--very well written and very thorough.

  4. This is an excellent critique and fine articulate writing of to how use the Sword-(word of God) properly to expose the false teachings and false teacher- T.D.Jakes

    T.D. Jakes can certainly bandy scripture and his eisegesis like a tennis ball can't he?.. That's one thing I was very disgusted with at the get go, treating God's word with such disrespect and chopping it up. He's very good at (sleight of hand)-Wouldn't you know it, most people won't really look at the surrounding texts because of pure out laziness on their part. Gee the great magician has done it all for us by reading those Loooong "arduous" texts and voila, reduced them to one word is all we need to get the meaning. TOUCH-. Yep he gave them the touch alright. The Midas touch is what he did as they fell under his spell for $$'s. Oh yes they just gushed as he tickled them ears until they're plugged up with his unspiritual earwax.

    He gave them a little jig here and there as he, pranced and preened and strutted across the stage. Whoa, they just felt "the love" and from "the greatest preacher of our time" with Jakes as they no longer think they need to worry about that ugly word SIN> nOooo it's called "issues" now. Just use euphemisms and your flesh feels much better.

    T.D. Jakes is selling them out on "another gospel" the WOF by peddling the word of God.

    These people need to know how rotten to the core we actually are-"Dead in our trespasses and sins". How mean and hateful can you get to inhibit people from knowing their true condition so that they will come to repentance and be saved. If people would just open their eyes that he's all about mamon not God. They can't see it because all he had to do was just sprinkle a little "Blood of the Lamb" and "Jesus" here and there terminology from the BIBLE.

    He obfuscated Hebrews 4:15 and Luke 8:40ff. that's not the mark of the "greatest preacher" it's the mark of a heretic.
    2Cr 4:2 Rather, we have renounced secret and shameful ways; we do not use deception, nor do we distort the word of God. On the contrary, by setting forth the truth plainly we commend ourselves to every man's conscience in the sight of God.


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